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 Eating habits/diet for someone that consumes alcohol?
So, I consume alcohol on a more or less so regular basis, getting tipsy to relatively drunk (NOT totally messed up, passed out, or vomiting) about 1-3 nights a week. Are there any foods or things I ...

 How much weight can i lose jogging a mile a day and eating 150-200 calories a day?
I know, people are going to say im starving myself. I'm NOT. I have a bowl of oat bran a day (it's VERY filling) and a cup of coffee. I also jog a lot and drink 0 calorie healthy drinks. I ...

 How many calories should I eat every day in order to weigh 120?
Right now I weigh 200 and I'm 5 foot 1.. so I'm pretty big /: I want to weigh 120. Also.. if I did this how much weigh could I lose by June of this year?...

 Need to lose weight like now!!! Help?!??!?!?1?
I hate the way i look. Absolutely hate it. I need to lose a couple of pounds. Can anyone tell me how to lose like 10 pounds in one week or atleast as soon as possible. Also maybe eve get a flat ...

 Strength training from home?
Could someone please give me some strength training that I could do at home. I dont have access to a gym, theres none where I live...Thanks. Maybe 5-10 would be greatly appreciated. I do lots of ...

 What's my normal weight?
I'm 13 and I'm 5'4 and I weigh 120 pounds. I am kinda worried that I am overweight. What should my normal weight be?...

 How does the water diet work?
I read something about drinking a glass of water 20 minutes before each meal, then drinking 8 glasses of water each day with that. I don't want to not eat at all, I don't want to starve ...

 do i look fat to you?
I'm 13 5'5 and weigh about 118lbs. I'm a healthy weight and everything bu I do have a stomach and a little chin fat lol (not a double chin just not a slender chin y'know what I ...

 Treadmill works fine, until I get on it... then it slows to a stop... I get off...and it speeds back up..?
Treadmill works fine, until I get on it... then it slows to a stop... I get off... .and it speeds back up..... but works fine when it on an incline..... beside the obvious joke about me being a Fatas$...

 How do I change my attitude about losing weight?
To make a long story short. I'm 5,7 and 270lbs...obese. I used to be thin until I let myself go after having my two kids. I have gained over 100lbs in a course of 6 years. I know this is not ...

 Do I have to start taking mass gainer?
I'm a 20 year old guy who has been working out for a few months now. The thing is, I'm very toned, but I don't have much muscle. I don't have huge biceps or any of that. I guess ...

 Trying to lose weight- is this OK to do?
Im a female trying to lose weight. i have been doing about 45 mins of cardio 3 times a week (just started last week) and i was wondering if i should be doing any weight machines? when i went to the ...

 im tryin to stop drinking soda?
im tryin to stop drinking soda. I am on day 7. and I feel like sh*t. when will ths go away? i have been drinking lots of water but i still feel bad. :(

 how much weight would i losse if i keep to this plan?
hey i want to lose a lot o weight so if walk round 3 times a week and dance for round 15-30 mins a day and drink a lot of water and eat round 1000-1500 cals how much weight would i lose if i do that ...

 what is a good diet to go on?
i'm a 19 year old student and i'm 152cm tall and weigh around 53kg. according to my bmi i'm nearer to the heavier end of healthy weight. i'd like to go down to 43kg in the next ...

 What are ways schools can cut back on sugar meals?
I need at least 5 no less than 3 ways school meals can cut back on sugar?...

 can I still work out when my muscles are sore?
I did legs on tuesday and I still feel a little bit of pain and tightness in my hamstrings. I want to do legs today again but is it a good idea or should I wait?...

 Suggestions to lose weight?
I'm 17 and short (only 5 ft) and have been trying to lose weight for a long time. I don't want to lose a lot, really, just 8 pounds maybe? I go to the gym on a regular basis and I eat ...

 Is this a good diet for a 15 year old girl?
Breakfast - cup of tea with sweetner and semi skimmed milk - 20 cals?

Lunch - salad; carrots, sweetcorn, lettuce, cucumber - 60 cals ?

Dinner - omelette with just two eggs - 160...

 What is a good cardio workout that would increase endurance.?
I leave for Basic training on the first of march, and I can do push-ups and sit-ups, but my cardio is absolutely terrible.

Would it be better to do one long run/jog/cardio workout in the ...

How come im always hungry?
I can eat and eat but I never get full why?

Your always hungry because you are bored

because you enjoy the taste of foods and its probably only when your bored

It might be because you are bored. Try to entertain yourself so that you don't think about food or if you could eat or not

Jacob Kush
Are you a little overweight? Or is it just because of some other reason. Just try not to eat so much and your stomach will not ask for more. It will be hard the first couple days but you'll get the hang of it.

it's just how your body is made i guess
there are pills and stuff that will make you full
i don't think you should take those though...
Also maybe it's because you're bored or something.
Entertain yourself with something active and fun
Also drink lots of WATER.
i've heard somewhere, maybe on t.v, that if you're hydrated, you don't feel hungry

the most likely reason is that you are dehydrated, also likely that your arent eating enough raw organic foods. eat more fresh vegetables and friut

One answer is that your metabolism is high. If you exercise a lot, then you'll need more food for energy. Another is that you're hitting a growth spurt. The body needs more energy when it grows, so it's natural for eating a lot.
The third option is that you might have a tape worn. I suggest going to th doctor to check and see if you do have one. Then treat it.

Hope that helps!

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