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How can I lose 60 pounds? I weigh 160 pounds and Im 5'4'!?
Ok so I am 14 and I weigh 160 pounds!! I know thats so much! and Im 5'4' and I want to lose 160 pounds. What is a plan that I can do to lose the weight? I am trying to become a vegetarian so will that help?

laxitives and the treadmill. just make sure you're wearing a diaper.

It'll help. Look into gtting the Alli Pill. It helped me.

Kiana S
First, I think that you should decide never to allow it to get that bad again. You are going into the most critical years of your life and you need to lose weight.

You should stop eating meat, junk food and sugar. When you get comfortable with that, you should go on a few liquid diets. All of this should be done with regular exercise.

You should always be hungry. Don't stuff yourself.

I hope that you are able to do it!

Losing weight will change your life! I couldn't imagine going through high school overweight!

its meee
yeah becoming a vegetarian would probably help you, as long as you dont justify it in the ways of french fries just because theyre not animals. get it?
eat lots of protiens in the form of nuts, avacados and beans. and DONT FORGET as many vegetarians do that you do need lots of fruits and vegetables.
good luck, and remember cardio is also key~!
power walking, running or jumpin rope will help a lot.

I'd shoot for 30lbs. Mind you, no diet fads, pills, or obscure weight loss claims are going to get you there.

You need hard work and dedication. The best way to lose weight is to stay active and have a healthy diet. A Healthy diet consisting of a minimum of 1200 calories a day, nothing less. That's bare minimum. If you eat to few of calories per day your body thinks it's being starved and causes you to store more food in your fat cells. So starving yourself is counterproductive and obviously unhealthy. As far as swiching to a vegetarian, It doesn't really make you any healthier. You still need your fats carbs and proteins. No matter if your a vegetarian or not, you just need balance in your diet. Make sure you eat 5-6 small meals a day in order for your metabolism to be working all day long and so you don't feel hungry.

Once you get your diet in force, do some excercise. You can, walk, jog, ride an elliptical, climb stairs, ride a bike etc... Cardio will be extremely beneficial for you. Try doing at least 3 days a week at about 30-45 minutes. You will want to do some light lifting. I know your wondering why, but it will help you build lean muscle and muscle burns off fat faster. You can look online for excersices for toning or beginners.

Hopefully this helps, or gives you some guidance to where you want to go. Good Luck with everything.

Eat less and excercise more, easy enough!

I am 5 4 also and weigh 165. I'm pretty satisfied though. don't try outrageous diets, just cut out sugar, bread and fried foods. Its not that hard. If you don't buy sugary stuff and lots of potato chips and so on you wont be tempted to eat. Also make sure you exercise. even just walk around the neighborhood every night. you donut have to go to the extreme to lose weight just do the basics and be patient.

Peter Griffin
You only need to lose about 30 pounds, 100 lbs, and 5'4 is quite underweight. 5'4 and 130 is a much better goal.

‚ô•‚ô•The Queen Has Spoken‚ô•‚ô•
No Laxatives!!!! Way to dangerous as they make your body dependent on them

Loosing 60 pounds is waaaaaaaaaay to much weight... it will make you underweight. Shoot for 120 t0 125.

The South Beach Diet is very good.

Joseph B
Excerise a lot. Run, walk, weightlift, those should all help. Also cut down on the carbs and calories you take in. Eat healthier foods.

Keep your calorie count to around 1200 a day. Make sure you follow that up with plenty of exercise. Drin k alot of water (no soda).

Work out doing some cardio and weights (low weight and high reps will not build a bunch of muscle). Every so many weeks add some time to build. and then eat well.

you are still young..being a vegetarian may help,,,get active in dance,sports and martial arts...avoid all fastfoods,junkfoods and sugary drinks

Exercise, exercise, exercise ! Lots of fresh fruit and veg.

first of all...you should neither lose 60 or 160 lbs!

Your ideal weight is more likely around 120 or 125 ish. You can look it up on google to be sure.

If you choose to be a vegetarian that is of course your choice...it will likely help you to lose weight, but the most important things in losing weight is doing it in a healthy way. Drink 8 glasses of water and get plenty of exercise. Do some research on google for healthy balanced meal ideas....and if you want ot message me I will explain the Weight Watchers plan to you because it is the most healthy, easy, well rounded diet (way of life) out there.

Low fat diet and moderate exercise. There is no substitute for exercise. I would suggest joining a local slimming class as they would be able to help you with your quest for veggieness too. Its hard to work out what to eat when you are just starting to learn how to survive without meat ;)

When I am dieting I eat a lot of veggie pasta with brown pasta while avoiding cheese and other high fat foods.

crave knowledge
You should not be 5'4" and weigh only 100 lbs. Don't try to lose a bunch of weight. Just eat healthy food and exercise; the weight will come off, especially at your age.

Being a vegetarian only helps people lose weight if they are into healthy eating. You will need to have complete proteins and cut out junk food, just the same as if you continue to eat meat.

A better bet is to eat lean meat (chicken breast and fish) so that you get the muscle building proteins to help you have energy; get plenty of fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables; exercise so that you take away fat and replace it with calorie burning muscle.

Blue Haired Old Lady
Yes, becoming a veg might help. I was the same height and weight as you and lost 60 lb two years ago. I didn't bother with becoming a veg because it is more trouble than it is worth in my book. I walked or rode my bike for 60 minutes every day and stayed as active as I could. I ate lean meat, fruits, veggies and whole grains. It took about 6-7 months to lose the weight. I have kept most of it off and still exercise an hour a day. Exercise is the most effective way to lose weight.

Lily C
Don't set such a large goal. That's way too much to go for. Maybe think about 10 lbs. in a certain period of time, and just go for that, and so on.

And no, being a vegetarian won't help, because of course you can still eat sweets! O.o

I've been swimming a lot, and I've actually gotten slim.. So maybe try swimming! I like it better than running or walking.

south beach diet! Just go to a bookstore and get the book, it tells you what you can and cannot eat. A quick breakdown is no bread, potatos and pasta during phase one. Then you slowly start getting those things back in the other phases. The book says to do phase 1 for 2 weeks, but i lost weight so fast during that phase i did it for 7 weeks and lost 30 lbs. It starts out hard the first week, but your body quits craving all the bad stuff and you get used to it. Good luck!

Kayla K
That wont be healthy unless you loose 1-3 pounds a week, otherwise you will gain it easly.
160 really isnt that much, but to loose some wieght you should be more active and get tons of physical activity. You dont have to become a vegetarian, it could help. Im just saying that because i love fish =)

good luck

Wray G
AT your hight loosing 60 pounds in not healthy, I would say try to loose 40 pounds.

60lbs is way 2 much!
try 40lbs

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