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 Endorphins help rid the body of?

 I am on a VERY low budget and feed 4 peps. I need a great diet that will work for me that is CHEAP. Help?

 im very lazy, cant exercise,cant stop eating,is there any way to loose my weight?

 if you take a laxative every night,would you lose weight?
need to lose weight ...

 how do girls get so strong?

 How to firm your body? What kind of exercise should i do?
I wanna firm my legs, arms, and belly. I would love to do some exercise. But i dunno exactly what kind of exercise that i need to do. How many times in a week? How many counts you should do it? How ...

 how can I tighten lose skin in lower tummy without surgery?
had c-section got huge 4 pregnancy no stretch marks but,bottom part of tummy right above panty has a little lose skin ...

 how many crunches do you have to do to feel the BURN the next day?

 what do you really think about big people.?

 women:have you ever given a piggyback ride to a guy? how long did you carry him for?

 Mastrubation is sin & bad for health? Please clarify?

 How can I loose like 50 pounds in 1 month?

 A recipe tells me what % of calories come from carbs.. what am I supposed to take from this?
Can someone explain the significance?...

 Can anyone give me a good diet for reducing my tummy.?
I am of not sure of what to eat and what not to eat. I want to reduce my fat which is built over my stomach area. Otherwise its all ok with my body. Since I have a good height the overweight is not ...

 Healthy weight?
I am 17, 5'1, and I weigh 135. Is this a healthy weight? What are some good tips for losing weight?...

 can any1 tellme why i always put on weight only on my hands and tummy?
I look so incoimplete. A manly body? yuks! i hate it. someone pls advise me how i can reduce my huge tummy and fat ...

 If you only have 40 mins in the gym what do you think is the most effective workout?
I have started going to the gym each morning before work, but only have time to fit in 40 mins. I want to lose weight and tone up as quick as poss. What would you guys do?...

 I want to lose weight. What is the best way to stay on track and lose weight the fastest?

 do you know what that weight loss surgery is that has to do with a band??

 has anybody had any success with xience? more so than regular creatine?

Has anyone tried apple cider vinegar, or the pill form, to lose weight? What are your thoughts on it?

i tried apple cider vinegar for about a week. It was very hard to get down and after I was able to get it down, I couldn't eat anything for about 6 hours. Yes, I was able to lose weight with it but it was the incorrect way. I was basically starving myself. I have heard a few success stories about using it. But me personally I wouldn't recommend drinking it, I would try the pill.

i use apple cider vinegar on my fries, its good, but as for water pills i hated them, i not only lived by the bathroom it was making me feel shaky and ill

I've never tried it to lose weight, but that stuff is tasty! I can't imagine why somebody would take it in pill form when it tastes so good.

Yeah,I did and I lost lots of weight but the trick is that u have to drink it in the mornings. It melts the fat ,it tasted bad(for me) but it worked

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