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Gym tips seeked from veteran gym members, Shower flip flops?
I just started to go to the gym every morning before work. I want to lean up and get some muscles. I have a few questions: how do you keep your shower flip-flop's clean what do you do with your wet flip-flops when you get out of the shower. What are some good tips for being hygenic in the gym I don't want to catch worts or ringworm(not really a worm) and such also what are some tips to not get athletes foot? thank you please only answer if you go to the gyme 3-5days a week

Just dry the flip flops off with your towel when you are done with it. They should stay fairly clean this way, if you feel the need spray them with an athletes foot spray occasionally. If you wear the flip flops whenever you have your sneakers off you shouldn't have to worry about the athletes foot thing. As for the ringworm or warts thing? I have been frequenting gyms for at least 20 years and have never " acquired" ringworms or warts from equipment. Good Luck.

First of all, good for you for deciding to start going to the gym! You will feel so great! And going in the morning is really great for so many reasons! You can wash your flip flops with your laundry. They should be just fine. When you get out of the shower, you can just roll them up in your wet towel. When you get home (or in the car) you can let them air dry for the next day. As far as being hygenic in the gym...they should offer a cleaning solution as well as some kind of towel that you can use to wipe off the equipment. In the locker rooms definitely wear your flip flops. You really should be just fine. Athlete's foot is caused by a fungus, so if you keep your flip flops on until you put your shoes on, you shouldnt have to worry about that. If you feel that the gym is not sanitary or that it is not well maintained you might consider switching.

To keep your flip flops clean simply soak them in a laundry detergent. Dont dry them. When you get out of the shower, put them in a laundry net bag or whatever sort of bag you have available. Good tips at the gym always include washing the machine your're working out on before using it. Athletes foot, a good way to prevent it in the first place is never ever go without foot protection in the gym, and when you are in the shower with your flip flops on, urinate on your feet for good measure. Urine is devoid of all bacteria and viruses. Athletes foot is riddled with fungi, urine is acidic and will kill it.

slim jim
Keep wearing those flip flops. That's the best way to avoid all of those nasty things floating around in a locker room. If they start to look a little gross, throw them in your dishwasher at home.

get a gym bag that has a pocket on the end that is a mesh so that you can stick your flip flops in there & they'll be able to air out. if they're the heavy rubber kind, you can stick them in the top rack of your dishwasher once a week to keep them sparkly clean & nastiness-free.

The flip flops are the best way to avoid athlete's foot AT the gym. Put them in a plastic bag when you get done dressing and are putting your stuff up in your gym bag. As soon as possible, get them out of the plastic bag, dry them off and spray them (occasionally) with an antifungal spray. (You can get that at most drug stores with all the athlete's foot stuff.) Otherwise, avoiding athletes foot is all about keeping your feet as clean and dry as possible. Dry them off really well after your post-workout shower. Try to wear Tevas, flip flops or go barefoot in your non-work hours. If your feet sweat in your work shoes, find socks that wick sweat away from your skin. BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR NEW WORKOUT ROUTINE!!! Good for you!!!

Believe it or not - pee in the shower - it will kill any athlete's food bacteria in there. I do it all the time for just this reason...

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