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Melissa T
Does Marijuana make u lose weight?
I read that smoking weed ups your metabolism-- and that if you can fight the munchies and not eat you will lose weight like crazy? Anyone have any insight into this? I mean.. I don't know any major pot-heads that are fat. Do you? .. Thoughts! and i don't want to hear that smoking makes you eat a lot w/ the munchies and makes you lazy. I want to know about metabolism & experiences in losing weight with smoking more. Currently I do not smoke at all.

dont you know that people die from drugs?

no, it makes you hungry.

Hannah Banana
Nope it makes you fat because when you smoke it it makes u hungry so you have to eat cuz ur so hungry and i know because weed smokers are usually fatter than normal, if you are looking to lose weight dont go for drugs try acai berry or if ur under 18 try exercising more often, ex: running, swimming, jogging, jump roping, and biking, jumping jacks, stretching, and water lots of it. 8 glasses.

Actually, when you're stoned, you don't "fight the munchies"... you eat anything and everything. And then you might just drive down the road to Taco Bell. Besides, how many skinny stoners do you know? o.O

Why don't you just get off your *** and quit looking for a quick fix? A simple 2 mile walk will do more for your metabolism and weight loss than smoking ever hypothetically could.


if anything it makes you fat,you smell bad, your teeth turn yellow, you get wrinkles quicker, your breasts get smaller, and it may kill you....

No, it probably won't have much effect. Whatever tiny effect it has on the metabolism smoking week won't impact much on your weight unless you change your lifestyle drasically at the same time. This is unlikely unless you join the minority of smokers who do nothing but smoke. If you became addicted to nicotine as a result that drug can supress your appitite, but I've noticed the same diversity in weed smokers as in all walks of life.

melissa maupin
i ever hard that but it may make you sick

NO! it does the OPPOSITE!

it actually SLOWS down your metabolism, and it makes you feel hungry, therefore you eat more and get fat.

cocaine, on the other hand, speeds up your metabolism. and cigarettes decrease your appetite...not that i reccomend EITHER of those :P

The actual plant doesn't make you lose weight, no. I have lots of friends that smoke weed, some every day, and they are normal looking-skinny even. It's not about munchies, it's the fact that your senses are different. Everything feels/tastes/looks/sounds/smells better. The reason people eat so much is because of the way things taste-not that they taste different, you just appreciate a lot of things when you're high. So yes, if you fight the munchies, you won't get fat. I have been motivated to work out when I'm high and it actually feels better. You can get more done because you appreciate the way working out makes you feel and your muscles feel great!


Dade County
sure it will !!! but then it will probably kill you

Kristin J
no is doesnt bc most of the time when you smoke weed you get the munchies but on the other hand if you can fight munchies you will lose ALOT of weight...TRUST ME I KNOW

I don't know of ANY skinny weed smokers...and I've met a lot of pot heads.

Alan S
It does speed up your metabolism slightly. On the other hand smoking it destroys brain cells. It's also illegal.

Well, you can try it to lose weight, cause its not my body, its yours. but im saying, that in the end, youll have cancer. Good luck with that though.

I've never heard anything about that but I'd say that there are better ways of losing weight. Whats the point of being a little skinnier if you're just a pot head? I mean, I think being a little over weight is better than smoking pot.

This consideration is absurd. Coke and heroin will shrink you up real quick too. Sure you don't want to try those?

Would it kill you to try the old fashioned physical activity and eating properly trick? I hear that works wonders...

Matthew C
smoking weed is bad period i smoked heavy for 3 years and im still fat 6'3 260 pounds. the effects on my body were negligent compared to my mental. i started loosing my short term memory. i started to misplace things all the time. i start saying a sentence and cant finish it cos i forget the word i was going to say. i forget to do daily tasks like brushing teeth/locking doors. so even if their is a way when u smoke weed u loose weight its a very unhealthy way of doing it and loosing weight is to generally be more healthy .. i think your just trying to cut corners to looks good....doing drugs will also prematurely age the skin/body/mind. this is not a good idea at all if u do not smoke to begin with

no idea. but meth uses loose weight really fast but then again they gain gross faces with scabs all over them. DONT DO DRUGS.

Elaine M
smoking is a gross habit don't do it.
just start running and eat healthier if you
want too loose weight!

His girl .
Yup it does.

I know this guy..he was like not fat neither skinny but in between...&& Now he's like skinny as hell.

& Yes.. he smokes.

& Everyone that i know that smokes they're all getting skinny.
&& You might notice that they got skinny by smoking.

But don't do it..ok?
That's not healthy.

Marijuana does make you lose weight. It affects everyone differently, as either a stimulant, depressant or hallucinogen, so it's not certain everyone who takes the drug will lose weight. Chances are you will most probably. But, that's also cause you to age faster, meaning wrinkly skin..etc. Data shows that most car accidents and murders/suicides have been marijuana related. It's an illegal drug, don't take it.

yes it does it makes you shrink etc. but its pretty bad for you

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