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Does Gatorade Damage Your Teeth??
i just wanted to know a list of drinks that are not good for your teeth is gatorade one of them??? THANKS!!!

sure it has tons of sugar, where do you think all the energy comes from?

Yup. Check out the link below.

Anything with citrus (citric acid) can do more damage than the acids in colas, coffees, and teas.

Unless it's sugar-free.

Anything with sugar will promote cavities. Gatorade has sugar.

Carbonation in soda is bad for your tooth enamel.

Coffee and tea will stain your teeth.

Reaganomics Victim
all drinks containing sugar increase the risk of tooth decay, but gatorade is far less worse than any carbonated beverage, and you should be fine as long as you brush your teeth regularly

I just went to the dentist last week and I have 4 cavities. The dentist explained to me that gatorade and sports drinks are one of the worst things for your teeth.

Even milk can be bad if left to pool around teeth. One of the reasons that babies going to sleep with a bottle is a bad idea. Gatorade has sugar so yes it can harm your teeth. Everything in moderation and proper brushing/flossing will combat all that.

well, if it contains sugar and drank in excess than yes...in moderation not!

rxqueen♥ †
I'll bet. I think its loaded ith sugar.

i think it does cause of the sugar in it! i donno tho

Gatorade is gonna sue your a s s

Dr Dee

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