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Do you think drinking 64 ounces of freezen cold water every 15 mintues will increase your metabolims?
Also even if this is true, do you think its worth the fact i'll have to pee alot?

Water increases metabolism. It makes your bodies elimination system function properly and with all of your internal organs functioning correctly, your metabolism will increase. Add cayenne to your diet would alos help. http://curezone.com/foods/watercure.asp

That's definately too much to drink. Try just drinking one or two glasses of cold water 30 minutes before each meal. I've read that this will work to increase your metabolism.

It will. Reduce the amount of salt (sodium) in your diet though.

Rosie Young
I think it's ridiculous and impossible. You can't drink a half gallon of water every 15 minutes. You would harm your body, especially your kidneys. And the amount your metabolism goes up to warm the water is insignificant.

Personal Trainer
It will kill you. You wont allow your body time to process the water and you will develop hyponatremia. This occurs when we consume to much water, and the water dilutes the concentration of the body's sodium. It is smarter to drink could water, then warm water. The cold water makes your body work harder, as it likes to make the water body temp. So drink cold water to speed up your metabolism. But do it in moderation. I have a special report on how to speed up your metabolism. Got to my site, sign up for the newsletter and I'll email it to you. GOD BLESS

probably some, but i dont think it would be THAT many calories that much and its really unhealthy to drink that much water..... youd be a lot better off just exercising, youd lose burn as much or more and its healthier

No, you will actually drown yourself from the inside out and die. To much water WILL kill you!

too much water too often can wash out your electrolytes so i wouldn't drink more than a largish glass every time your body tells you that you are thirsty

Drinking ice cold water does raise your metabolism but drinking that much water will cause you to bloat so it is pointless.

you dont need 64 oz of HO2 every 15 minutes. You need 64oz per DAY. It will clean your system. Easy tip to check if you are getting enough water: pee is not suppost to be yellowish, its suppost to be clear!!


I think you would burn more calories, because your body would have to raise the temperature of all of that water to 98.6 to maintain your overall body temperature. I think you would also burn more calories from the constant trips to the bathroom that you would be making.

Blackie Bassett
nooo who told you that...lol. THINK.. I know this is an alien concept to most but try it.. what does cold do to your body systems.. What happens when one becomes hypothermic?.. The body SLOWS down and shuts your metabolic rate DOWN.. By imbibing large amounts of cold water you are lowering your body temp.. duh

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