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 Why did I stop losing weight?
I started dieting and excercising last Monday (the 10th). I lost 5 lbs the first week. But since Monday the 17th I havn't lost anything. I havn't changed any of my eating. I am staying on a ...

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from subway: turkey,lettuce,light mayonnaise*, light salt and pepper, & the ...

 which is more effective jump rope or running?

 Is it possible to lose weight in the winter?
I understand all the reasons why people gain weight in the winter, but with our body naturally storing fat to "keep warm", is it even possible to lose weight with diet and exorcise in the ...

 Ok I don't look 175 lbs at all! But I am I don't get it?
I'm 15!!!! 5,10 somewhat muscular and a little chunky like Gibby from icarly but not that ...

 How to lose, like lots of stomach fat by Valentines Day?
So, at Garage today, I bought this ADORABLE top... it's a thick sweater type long sleeved shirt, it's light blue colored with light pink and purple flowers... so, the thing is, it's ...

 if i want my husband to lose weight how do i do it?
i know that he doesnt like diets and going to the gym, so what can i do so that he will lose weight but wont really know that i am involved?...

 Guys, what's the difference between a girl being fat or thick?
Whenever I call myself fat guys are like,no your just thick. I'm 5'2, have a really Tiny waist, I'm a 36C and a size 3-5 in jeans....

 Hi im 13 years old and i weigh 115?
Hey I am a 13 year old boy.. I got a 4 back And i am 4'8 very short running back i love football and i weigh 115 is this normal? And can u give me tips to get a 6 pack?...

 So I think I'm fat and wanna be skinny,?
I'm 5'2 I'm 15 and I weigh 103-105 pounds. It's like when I look in the mirror I see a person who is like high and ha a fat stomach. Iv though about anorexia and iv wanted to but I...

 Is it possible to lose 10 pounds in 43 days?
im 15 year old girl and i want to lose weight? can i actually lose 10 pounds in just 43 days?...

 did i eat too many carbs?
Breakfast: about 50grams of carbs
Snack: 30grams
Lunch: 50grams
Dinner: 60grams

I'm 5'4" and 112 pounds. I'm not trying to lose weight, but want to get ...

 what will whey protein do for my body?
I'm been working out and on a diet and wonder will whey protein be of help?...

 eating before bed? is it really bad?
I'm super active. I eat REALLY HEALTHY (I don't even want to touch junk food, everything I eat has to have nutritional value to it. if it doesn't, I will not eat it)

Only on ...

 i need to build muscle fast?
i have been very skinny all my life. I have done work out routines suggested by professionals and have seen little results. I have cardio and stamina like no one else i know but i can't build ...

 Is it true that people are "Big Boned"?
Sometimes i think people say that to make them selves feel better no offense but i was talking to a friend and we just got on the subject and you make your thumb and index finger touch around your ...

 Is sweet tea better than soda?
Is sweet tea better than drinking a diet soda?...

 how do you get great legs?
something easy and quick with no pills or a gym!!! so something i can do a home!!...

 Is protein powder effective for weight loss?
Does anyone know any low calorie recipes for protein powder shakes? and is it effective for losing weight? and what is the best brand?...

 How do gym's bill you?
I'm turning 18 soon and i was wondering if i could sign up for a gym membership and pay for a few months in advance instead of getting a monthly bill.

Or do you even get a monthly ...

Do you lose weight with braces?
Im getting my braces in a couple weeks and I have a question. My friend used to be sort of chubby and when she got braces, she turned pretty skinny. I mean, it makes sense because all you can eat is soft and basically healthy stuff, like no soda. So people who have had braces: did you lose weight when you got them?

Snejana Onopka
Okay, girlfriend, listen up. THE QUEEEN IS HERE to answer your question. Hell ya, bb, I lost 12 pounds when I had my braces put on! You can't eat anything!! Now I'm a size 00, it really works!!! Best diet I've ever been on!!

yea i guess it is possible since you cant eat as many foods and stuff, but i dont think it is the main cuase for the lost weight. most people get braces at or around the age of puberty and thhey have growth spurts .. just grow into their bodys.

Not true you can eat unhealthy stuffy with braces . Braces dose not really change what you can eat unless its something that will get stuck in your braces

not really. .the only thing braces will prevent you from is eating an apple without slicing it..
other than that, the same food still goes in you're mouth and down you're throat even if you have braces on.
i've had braces before..and i gained weight. but that was only cause i was still growing...im 13 now and braces freeeee! :DD

No you dont. You can eat whatever you want when you have them fyi. You just break them more when you eat stuff your not suppose to.
I had them and i didnt lose weight so that was just her.

You can drink soda but u tend to eat less when u have braces

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