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Can misuse of laxatives make you lose weight.?
I wouln't do it but I once read something about it being considered as buhlimia. I don't understand, does that mean that some people use a lot of laxitves thta they lose alot of weight?!?

Yes, misusing laxatives can make you lose weight. But they also do much more than that. If you misuse them you can also suffer from dehydration, get really awful stomach cramps, lose control of your bowels (in other words: pooping anytime and anyplace without warning - gross), or getting chronic constipation to where you can't go unless you take more and more laxatives.
It is really awful for your body and can mess up your digestive system for good.
All of this stuff happened to me when I was anorexic in high school and it was the most disgusting thing.
It's just really not worth it. If you are thinking about doing it as an easy way to lose weight, don't. It's not easy and it won't even make you lose all that much weight.
Take care of yourself!!

Misuse in laxatives can result in permanent harm to your organs.

I think you stumbled on the keyword here...misuse. Anything in moderation should be okay, but misuse causes dis-ease and disease is not good for anybody. Someone who uses a lot of laxatives will find that when they are ready to stop using them they can't because they have the opposite problem. Their body begins to depend on the laxatives to function properly and then they're really in a bind (pun intended).

that hot chick
Yes. I did and was really sick, in that I wouldnt eat anything without taking a laxative. If I didnt have a laxative I wouldnt eat. I was extremely skinny but didnt think so. I wanted to lose more and more weight until I was finally hospitalized and it scared me so bad I stopped taking the laxative and gained my weight back

It can be used to lose weight. They also won't lose 'allot' of weight if they're still eating allot. It's also very dangerous because they throw off the balance of chemicals in the intestines and can also wash away the 'good' bacteria in there that is needed for digestion.

(Knew someone who abused these and ended up spending weeks in hospital and now without them has trouble going due to the long term damage it caused)

xray daddy 42
yes, the overutilization of laxatives can produce a short term weight loss, but the risk far outweigh the benefits. any weight loss you achive will be purely temporary, while you will be taking the risk of dehydration, malnutrition, and permenent bowel problems.

Miss Kelly
you ruin your insides.
you dehydrate yourself.
you are on the toilet.
you loose alot of valueable fluids, elctrolytes, etc.

people think they will loose weight because they are on the toilet, but they are just killing themselves...

eww thats disgusting. but yeah it seems logical that someone would lose weight with laxatives becz the digestive system gets rid of the food quickly so that would make the fats not be absorbed.

Lisa E
No, it makes you lose water and dehydrate. Most of your digestion is done in the upper intestine, and laxatives work on your lower...so you've already absorbed the fat and calories before it gets to the 'laxative stage'.

Tonya R
Well some people abuse laxatives so they excrete what they eat before processing the fat etc. Prolonged abuse actually causes incontinence (crapping your pants).

Laxatives make you poop. Bulimia is throwing up or removing the food from your body forcibly after binge eating.
Taking lots of laxatives will make you poop out all the food you just ate on a binge, which would be considered bulimia because you're making yourself get rid of the food.

yes, it is true, but do not try it because bulemic people actually use that technique to lose weight

its very bad for you, it really for constipation, NOT weight loss!

Yes you can lose weight.

mike c
i would assume considering they would make you put out more than you are taking in...


You can dehydrate and die

Yes and also ruin your health.

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