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 What is a Quick way to loose belly fat in like 2 month?
I want to know what worked for some of you ppl like, what kind of excercise what did you do i need suggestion plz and ...

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 How many protein shakes should I drink a day with my schedule?
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Also, if you have some bread and toast it, would it be ...

 Is it ok to do weights on the same muscles each day if......?
i switch to very low weight and high reps? Im doing this for my diet. On top of my jogging, i want to make my weight lifting sessions more cardio, rather than the slow paced heavy weight-low rep ...

 What is the fastest way to loose weight?
Whats the fastest way to loose weight in a week. I just want to loose about 15 pounds. Please don't give the speech about it's unhealthy I DON'T CARE! Just give me an answer please....

 has anyone taken oxyelite pro with hypothyroid?
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 Best way to lose weight with out much change in diet?
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 6.9 Cholestrol level!! BMI greater than 30!! docs say 0.1 more in chloestrol level would mean my death!!?
and they say it would be probably in next 2 years!!! I am only 28 years...
i want to know:
1) how true is the doc?
2) how to cut my cholestrol ...

 How to calculate calories in Bud Light?
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I am 215 lbs at the time...how many months would it take to loose 70 lbs the healthy ...

 How to lose weight fast? I am 11.3 stone I want to go to 11 stone by next week?
Suggestion, i'm not unhealthy, just have a big meeting next week. i know i shouldn't rush this, but just to get rid of those bits that hang ...

 Help! I hate my body! (Repost with pics)?
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 Is this an ok weight?
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 How many calories does what I ate today add up to?
I had...
A banana, a 120 calorie fiber snack bar, a big bowl of homemade all organic chicken noodle soup, a 170 calorie yogurt, an apple, and 4 crackers....

 Why does my left shoulder click when I do push ups?

 lululemon luon yoga clothing.. washing help?
lululemon luon clothes washing help ?
Hi :)
i have a ton of lululemon clothes as i am a figure skater, and ive always washed them with color like clothing, in cold water and hung them to ...

Emily L
Can I lose 110 Pounds In 49 Weeks?
So I'm 20, female, 5'4", and about 280 pounds. My goal is to get to 170 by January 1st of 2012. My plan is to exercise 4 days a week. Two days will be lifting weights, starting out at about 15 minutes, and by each week increasing my time until I get to 45 minutes to 1 hour. The other two days I will b running on the treadmill for an hour, and with each week, I'll increase the speed that I am running, and how long I will be running at that pace for. And, of course, I will be eating right. Everything in portions (that's where my big challenge is).
I will be started my exercising and dieting yesterday. Yesterday until the Sunday of 1/1/12 is exactly 49 weeks.
So, will I be able to lose 110 pounds in 49 weeks?

Justine Wood
This may help

I think you can but you should always do cardio everyday to keep your metabolism going and get blood and oxygen to your muscles. All lifting should be an every other day thing and not done back to back because if you did a great workout, you should be sore and not letting your muscles repair will only make your results slower. If your lifting for arms and legs then do them alternate( Monday= arms, Tuesday= legs, weds= arms...etc..Also if you don't know how to properly workout then please study on it because you won't see results if you don't do them right. Meaning how to properly breathe during lifts and how to control your breathing during running, etc and also tightening your stomach to help tone your abs and help oxygen to your lower body to really impact lower body fat loss a bit during every workout. The important part is your eating....by saying your going to eat right, hopefully it means eating the right food vs the small portion...most people try eating 1 slice of pizza vs 3 or something. Small portions of the right foods work and in order to gain muscle which helps you lose more body fat you need protein. How much protein?...around .4 times your weight= the amount of grams you need daily....its 1 gram per lbs for a person trying to tone/body build. And after a few weeks dont be afraid if you weigh 3 lbs more than yesterday....understand muscle weighs more than fat. Hope this helped you in a way and good luck!!!

Jeramiah Greene
Hi,problems losing weight are enormous aren't they? A freind of mine tried everything and every plan, nothing worked untill he found this diet solution program.She's been having pretty good results.Maybe it could help you to.

Good luck and stay positive!

wow um you may wanna talk to a doctor when it comes to loosing a large amount and what is healthy and best but I think you can loose quite alot in one year.
Good luck! :)

yeah y not cuz its possible to lose 50lbs in 4 to 5 months so i think this estimate seems right, btw i wanna lose weight too cuz i am 5'8 and 245lbs so do u have any advice, like foods that ur gonna eat or wat not
and i have noticed if u do cardio more then u lose more weight or try skipping ropes and rink lots of water

Yup if you train your butt off.

Stay motivated, switch things up, take dance classes at a gym, skate, swim. make sure to have fun and it will be easier! Good luck!

maybe. be sure to weight yourself often for more motivation.

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