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Is there a workout that hits the inside of the theighs......

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The Jag
Can DECAF COFFEE cause This?
lately i have been feeling fatigued and getting a lot of headaches, i drink a lot of decaf coffee, can it cause this??

Chaos Theory
If you recently switched from regular to decaf, you could be going through caffeine withdrawal, which would definitely cause those symptoms. I would suggest going half and half for about a week or so, then cutting the amount of caffeine in half again, and then going completely decaf. That should make the transition a lot smoother. If that isn't the case, I really don't know why decaf would cause those problems.

I don't know if it is or not but, you might as well try to cut back on the decaf. It definitely won't hurt.

Take a look

No I don't think so. Have you had your eyes check to see why you get the headaches? As for the fatigued you could be lacking in iron. Maybe you try eating things that contain a lot of iron.

jess jan
hmmm... maybe thats why i always feel tired .... but i dont get headaches anymore.

yes it can,, i always drink regular coke and i switched to no caffeine and i got headaches and was tired,i switched back and felt fine, i was a nervous wreck without the caffeine,it is the withdrawals you go through when you change,so i stay with the caffeine.,hope you get to feeling better..

Princess Of Poison
It can. You shouldn't drink more than three coffee a day, as it is bad for you decaf or not, If I was you I would try drinking more water and take paracetomol out with you to avoid these headaches.

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