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 What's good method to tone up flabby arms? Maybe exercising weights for about 15 min at night?

 how many calories would you burn if you did the macarena for the whole song (3 minutes 69 seconds)?
whoops sorry 3 minutes 59 ...

 What are some excersises other than walking for a VERY heavy person to start losing lbs but are prediabetic?
Woman over 300lbs would like who like to start loosing weight and am loosing some by walking (and working slowly) but would like some other excersises that (are good other than swimming) to help take ...

 How many grams of sodium are in watermelon, cantalope & banana's?

 if im 12, and weigh 135, how can i lose weight the fastest to get into a good weight divison for wrestling?

 How many cups of coffee will actually kill a person?
An officemate told me that if I drank 10 cups for an entire day, it would kill me. Is this true?...

 when you use steroids for a while and then stop what happens?
do the muscles stay the same or does something happen to them or is there something else?...

 Anyone knows any amazing crash diets that I can follow to shed those pounds?

 I heard that minerals aren't absorbed unless you're sleeping. True?

 im overweight but i have no willpower to lose weight. how do i get my willpower?

 What is the way to get fat?
Everybody is looking to get slim, but what if a slim and thin person like me wants to get fat???...

 How can i have a flat tummy?

 Does anyone know about the best nutritional sipplements company in world?

 If you new you were going to live this long, would you have taken better care of yourself?

 What is the easist way to loose weight in less than a week?
I need different ideas to try, just, throw them out there!...

 can 100% whole grain wheat pasta raise your blood/sugar level,like regular pasta does???

 Can consuming protein powder supplements make a female bulky?
I'm a vegetarian but also an athlete so I started taking protein supplements.. I'm just concerned that I'll get more of a boyish figure..Is that possible?...

 need to loose weight,tryed hard but cant,i am 5ft4in 57kilos,needs flat stomach.?
i walk for one hour every day, try to eat less. but not loosing,i am tired of doing this and not seeing any result,may be i need guidence in this....

 Do tea and coffee count as water?
I have a hard time getting plain water down so I usually drink the flavored, sugar free, carbonated waters, Sobe lean diet green tea or a flavored hot tea. The nutrient content says 0 on almost ...

 im an average 158pound 19 yr female but im lazy!! whats a good way 4 me 2 tone up??

Are you supposed to take creatine before or after you lift.?

Depends on the individual however,During the loading phase, three to four 5 g doses should be spread out over the waking hours. This ensures blood levels are elevated over the whole day and not just at one time. Only 4-5 days of loading are necessary and then a maintenance program should be used. During the maintenance phase one 5 g dose is usually sufficient. The ideal time to take this dose would be either before or after your workout along with your post-exercise protein shake. The muscles are more apt to take up the creatine at this time due to increased blood flow and transporter activity. On non-training days, take your creatine dose with the biggest meal.

Generally creatine is taken immediately after working out. Creating helps your body recover and replenish ATP stores (energy) enabling you to work out harder during your next workout.

isnt that steroids? ew doesnt that makes your weenie small? loser

after - it helps stimulate the muscles

for best results both. the first week u "load" take twice as much as u normaly would.

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