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Please be honest... I'm the girl haha


okay so i need to lose weight majorly. i developed a workout plan. any suggestions?

Monday: 60 minutes on treadmill.

Tuesday: 25 minutes on treadmill and 20 minutes DDR.<...

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What should my ideal weight be?...

 Im a very fat 12 year old. my class is going to the beach in about 3 months !!?
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 How can I lose 15 pounds without exercising? Best answer 10 POINTS TODAY?
I'm 27 year old, 5'6, 155 pounds, Need to lose 15 pounds don't have time to exercise. Please help I understand this way will take longer....

Are there natural ways to feel less tired?


Cheche Little
adding lavendar oil to your bath...
and doing some stretches from time to time will stimulate blood flow..

get sleep, be positive, (drink coffee-lol jk)

Beat yourself senselessly in the face.

You're welcome.

ஐ.:xOpheliacx:.ஐ™ †☽
Exercise, eat healthy, eat your vedges, drink lots of water and get sleep!!!!

sugar booger
natural drugs

Exercise helps alot. When you are more active it boosts your energy and helps with your sleeping patterns

Kishan P
exercise, don't eat a lot of caffeinated foods like soda, get lots of sleep and get less stress.

Not too much, not too little.
Keep on a scedual daily. Err, nightly.

exercising gets me so hyper, and wide awake

Haley S
sleep,exercise, and healthy food

drink more water, sleep more, eat healthy. good luck!

Wishful Spirit
Get enough sleep, eat well, and make sure to drink enough water. If you're already doing those things, consider trying to find the book "You don't have to go home from work exhausted" at your local library or book store.

wats up
exercising on a daily basis

exercise. I guess the hormones released during exercising really help.

Sleeping, dunking your head in water, exercise, cup of organic coffee, etc.

there are multivitamins that give you energy through out your day that are completely natural. check out GNC

yeah the best way is to drink lots of water, and try get as much early nights u can get.
But definatly first thing drink water.
some people dont like drinking water so if you are 1 dilute it with like a cordial. or some sort of heathy flavouring
hope i was a little help, goodluck :)

Phoebe ♥
get really good quality sleep, as opposed to a light sleep.
eat well,
exercise during the day.

Light exercise everyday for 20 to 30 minutes

catch some z's. everyone I work with drinks coffee to stay awake but I won't touch it...I try to make it through my day without depending on caffeine. No offense to coffee drinkers. Make sure you eat all your meals and rest!

You can sleep (don't oversleep), exercise (and you should feel more energetic), and eat different foods (because some make you feel sluggish)

Juan R
You may have a lot of toxins in your intestinal system. When was the last time you took a laxative or something like that to get rid of all the toxins in your system? This can contribute to feeling tired or even sick.

mark kolesinski
get at least 8 hours of sleep
and be on a healthy diet


I&#39;m bored
Exercising, yoga, and vitamins

Drinking Herbal Tea works for me

Sleep always works =)

If you exercise more often as well, you tend to feel more energized and less tired.


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