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700 calories a day. How much weight will I lose?
I'm going to (well i've began), eating only 700 calories a day. How much weight will I expect to lose in 6 weeks of doing this? Also what dress size will I expect to be after 6 weeks?

I'm going back to school in the sixth form for september and I want to be at least a size 10 when I return. I'm currently a size 12.

SIZE 8?!?!?!?!

Girl, I would love to be a size 8! Don't torture yourself, you are at a great weight for a teenage girl.

Seeing that you're not allowed to weigh yourself, I'm going to hazard a guess that you've struggled with your image before. Let me tell you, if you're comparing yourself to celebrities, and this is making you think you're overweight, trust me - you're wrong. Media gives us images of the perfect human body and make it seem easy to get these slim figures - but it's not true. Do you know that every picture you see in a magazine is edited by professionals to eliminate imperfections? Magazines, the people who make movies, all these people hire someone to make sure their stars look thin and beautiful. Why would they go to so much trouble, you ask? Why not just hire stars who look like this naturally? Because these people don't exist! No one is free of imperfection, not even television and movie stars, and not super models either. We see pictures in magazines of these beautiful people, and we think, 'what's wrong with me, that I don't look like this?', but in reality there is nothing wrong with you. Have you ever shopped for clothes and wondered why there are so many zeros, ones, two, etc. and so few of the higher sizes? Well it's because there are so few size zeros out there to buy the size zero clothes. I'm not saying the world is fat... I'm saying that these models we go by are unrealistic and pretty much impossible to accomplish.

Don't let this get the better of you... if you're really having trouble accepting your weight, then I would advise you to get some professional help. Losing more weight will make you unhealthy and possibly kill you. There are lots of people who can help you, some of them free of charge...

Your school nurse.
Your school counselor.
Your physician.
A nutritionist.
mypyramid.gov - definitely check this out... it allows you to enter what you're eating every day and advises you on how you can change your eating habits for the better
Also, see if your school offers a class on Nutrition Wellness... it could help you a lot, it did me. Even if you can't take it, you can talk to the teacher and get advice.

Diana S
to lose 1lb it 3500 cal

if you only take 700 cal your starving yourself and that's not good because you change your diet you'll gain all of it back. you should count cal. and workout 1 hour a day take in 1200 or more and watch what you eat

Katya Frank
well are you a girl or guy? how old what height and what build?

umm...don't listen too people telling you that you'll starve if you only eat 700 calories. you won't. if it was lower than 400 calories than maybe i'd agree that you'd start feeling starved. but 700 calories is just fine, your body won't go into starvation mode...that would only happen if you were not eating anything. give it a try..if you follow this with excercising as well...i'd say you'll probably lose about 15 pounds..or more.

Well (I'm not sure if this maths is right, but I'll have a go...)
Ok, well each dress size is supposedly a stone (or 14lbs)

so you want to drop a dress size, you want to drop a stone.

Each pound you lose= 3500 calories burned.

If you eat 700 calories per day, and you on average eat/burn 2000 calories per day, then you're burning 1300 calories more per day.

This means that per week you're burning 9100 more calories than you would do normally. Which means that you should expect to lose 2.6 pounds per week (this isn't necessarily what will happen though.

So if you multiply 2.6 by 6 weeks, then you get 15.6, which means that if you eat 700 calories a day, for 6 weeks, then you SHOULD lose 15.6lbs.

Which is about 1 dress size. So, you'll lose about 1 stone, and drop one dress size

But just to keep everyone on here happy
etc etc etc omg you're anorexic and your body will shut down etc.

eating 700 calories a day is not good for you. however you should burn 1300 calories a day if you do not do any exersize.
3500 calories = 1lb
1300 x 6 x 7 = 54,600 calories, which is 15.6lb

You are much better eating a normal diet and doing a lot of exersize, as you will not only lose weight, but also imporove your health.

What you are doing is not good at all.

that's just plain unhealthy! an average person should get around 2000 calories a day. if you do that then your body will be deprived. your metabolism will slow to a snail's pace and your body will start to feed off itself to sustain itself. i do NOT recommend that. try lowering your calorie intake gradually so your body can adjust and don't just jump off the calorie cliff.

I'm sorry that you feel you need to put your body through such an ordeal for looks honey. Putting your body on a starvation diet is really not good at all. You're abusing a body that I'm sure is beautiful no matter what size. Teenage years are tough, we've all been through them. But you really need at least 1200 calories a day. You'll be lucky if you don't do a lot of serious damage to yourself, hopefully you don't go through fainting spells or serious fatigue. And the minute you start eating again, your body has already been programmed by you to conserve everything which will result in rapid weight gain. How about you start off by cutting out any high fat, high sugar foods? :) Go for whole grains, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. Start a good exercise program! :) You'll see great results in no time, and it will be the healthy way. You only have one body ya know. Starting self-abusive eating habits now just paves the way for a road I'm not sure you want to go down. I'm sure you're a beautiful young lady, respect and embrace yourself!!! :)

i think cutting down to 1500 will do at least the same work(maybe even better) as 700. 700 is way to little, your not gonna get everything you need.
if you eat 1500 and take a nice long walk everyday you will be down to a size 10 i no time :)

Eating only 700 calories a day is extremely dangerous, and could kill you. If you think you need to lose weight, talk with your doctor or a nutritionist.


All I'm saying is that dropping calories isn't always necessarily the trick, if you dont like exercising, you should at least walk a little. 700 cals/day will probably drop you 1, possibly 2 dress sizes. But it all depends on WHAT you are eating.. You can still eat about a 1000 actually, just instead of cake or chips you have to eat celery and apples.


Hmm, assuming you regularly consume 1200 calories, each week you'll lose about 1.25lbs. Add exercise to this and it could be 2-3 pounds a week.

Rubis Rouge
Well you'll lose a heck of a lot of weight. And also, in a few weeks or maybe a month, you'll end up losing your life. You should at least be at 2000 a day. You don't need to eat like a baby. Just eat more small meals during a day and your metabolism will rev itself up like crazy. You'll start dropping pounds before you know it.

Also, by doing 700 a day, your metabolism most likely will plummet. After having done this for say a month, if you decide to go back to normal eating habits, you will gain so much of that weight back until your metabolism repairs itself. Trust me don't go down this route.

that's not good for you...your body will start to eat itself from the inside out, and while you might loose weight, there are much safer ways to do so.

this = starving...dont do it

Its my understanding the 3,500 calories = 1 pound:

That should be how much you eat a day, though some reports go to 2,000.

So if you eat 700 calories you'll lose 1 pound every other day (so every two days you'll lose 1 pound).

EDIT: Doing it this way is dangerous. Your body needs nutrients. I recommend eat double that. People who do it this way gain it back quickly. You should eat normally but healthy (1500 to 2000 per day) but also exercise daily for maybe 30 minutes to 1 hour.
If I did my math right.

Miss Sunshine
On average it takes 2000 to maintain weight, and 7000calories = 1 kg
So after 6 weeks you'd be 54,600 calories down, or 7.8kg, which is just over a stone.
This is only in theory, and a rough guide, also you'll put on weight faster and slow your metabolism down when you stop, but if you have 1000 calories a day instead then you won't suffer the same problems.
Either way it's your body and you asked a question which some other people have totally ignored and have just felt the need to offer their two cents.

cняìsтìиα ♥
thats horrible

not much

dude with a chick avatar
none in the long run. its called a controlled starve.

you lose the weight but your body always, always gains it back because you didnt lose the weight the proper way in the first place.

you need to eat 1000 calories a day and run one miles a day or more and youll lose more.

the Clock is Orange
you'll lose it a lot slower than someone eating 1200 calories a day I can tell you that....

don't starve yourself, it'll slow down your metabolism

Beckkk :)
Your body cannot run on 700 calories a day. You will get ill.

I suggest going to your doctor and asking about a healthy alternative to losing weight.

Don't do that, it's unhealthy. Eat at least 1500 calories, but eat that much in fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.
You're going to end up losing all your hair, calcium deprivation, weakening your immune system [which is really bad if you get sick]. Just eat healthy, and exercise. I will also slow down your metabolism, meaning whatever you eat will stick to you and will become very hard to lose.

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