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 I have a friend who is twitching and complaining of numbness...she says her blood sugar is off...what can I do

Biddy F
why is wound healing delayed in diabetes mellitus?

diabetes compromises the vascularsystem resulting in lower blood flow to the area that needs to heal. the blood carries the nutrients to the wound andthe debris away from the wound; thus delayed healing in a diabetic.

Nurse Jess
When you're diabetic, you have extra sugar circulating through your body in your blood. Over time, this excess sugar causes harm to the inside lining of blood vessels. Because of the damage, many diabetics have impaired circulation. When our body works to heal any type of wound, it sends extra blood that way so that the wound can get extra oxygen. As a diabetic with a wound, there is decreased blood flow due to the damaged veins, and therefore less blood & oxygen supplied to the wound which leads to an increased healing time as well as an increased chance of the wound continuing to grow.

Young doctor
...Firstly diabetes mellitus is an immunocompromised condition, that means your power to heal and defend the body against infections is lowered. ...Secondly there is usually neuropathy of the smaller nerves that make you a little less sensitive to slight trauma of the feet especially, ...Lastly there are vaso-occlusion of the small to medium sized vessels of the body that cause a reduced blood supply to the particular area and cause ischemia and necrosis. Hope it helped

Healing is directly related to blood flow to the area. Diabetes Mellitus damages blood vessels and therefore interferes with blood flow.

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