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 I dont have diabetes what should i do?
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 When a diabetic fasts (doesnt eat) does their blood sugar go down or up?
i have to get tested for diabetes. for my fasting test i cant eat for 8 hours. if i have diabetes will my blood sugar come up really high or really low?

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 my daughter is 39 she has been on dialysis for 8 months her creatine level was at 7 today what is going on?
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 If Truvia natural sweetener/sugar substitute is okay for diabetics, why doesn't it say "sugar free"?
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 Is there a commonality between Diabetes & Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
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 How do I make a diabetic book for my dad?
My dad is diabetic, and is having trouble controlling his blood sugar levels and other problems regarding his diabetes. So I want to make a cookbook/dietary book full of recipes (tasty easy ones) and ...

 How can I go on a diet that safe for my type one Diabetes?
So I'm 160 Pounds &In 8th Grade And EveryWhere I Look I See Skinny Girls And I NEED To Loose 60-80 Pounds To Be The Right Weight. I Want To Go On A Diet That Is Safe For My Diabetes -I'...

curious jane
why does sugar make me sick?
Everytime I eat or drink anything with sugar it makes me nauseous. I've never really liked cake or cookies but the older I get the more that kinda stuff upsets my stomach. Its like the feeling of drinking too much. What would cause this? Could it be a form of diabetes? I'm 30 yrs old, in pretty good shape, and am naturally very small.

tim g
get a glucose meter and check your blood sugar.
80-120 is normal
check 2 hours after eating, check on your arm.

That is not a symptom of diabetes or any other chronic illness. You're body isn't used to handling high carb foods so you feel sorta ill when you eat it. It's like being a vegetarian for a while then getting sick when you eat beef.
If all high carb foods make you feel ill, then that could signal a problem with your blood glucose level.
Happily, you can live a healthy life without sugar.

The same thing happens to me whenever I eat anything sweet and to be completely honest, I really don't know why I feel this way. You can try asking a doctor.

omg im the same way too! but i can hardly look at cake and sugar i puke in my mouth well at least my sister does. I t is normal. im the same way kinda sad lol i hate when ppl ask me questions about it.

:O diabetes

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