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what is it called when your body produces too much insulin, and why does it do it??

A body may produce too much insulin for two reasons
1) a pancreatic beta cell tumor such as insulinoma which produces unregulated insulin causing low blood sugar. These tumors are typically part of MEN or Multiple endocrine neoplasia
2) in diabetes body may actually produce more insulin (at least initially) due to insulin resistance with high blood sugar.

If your pancreas produces and releases too much insulin into your blood, you have a condition called hyperinsulinemia. Hyperinsulinemia isn't a disease; it's an indication of an underlying health problem. When your pancreas releases too much insulin into your bloodstream, even more glucose enters your cells, and your liver can't release glucose into your bloodstream. The result is low blood sugar.

Hyperinsulinism, a severe form of hypoglycemia in babies.

I Googled it . You can read it there.

hypoglycemia. just does I guess, mine doesn't produce enough (diabetes). go figure. to keep from getting the shakes and passing out you must eat regularly and keep some candy in your purse or nearby. this will help tremendously and you'll rarely feel yucky.

Nuthouse 4456
Hyperinsulism or hyperinsulinemia refers to an above normal level of insulin in the blood of a person or anim When liver cells and others that remove glucose from the blood insulin become less sensitive and more resistant to the insulin, the pancreas increases secretion and the level of insulin in the blood rises. This increased secretion can compensate for reduced sensitivity for many years, with maintenance of normal glucose levels.

Your first question has been answered. As to why, there are too many causes to list here. Some causes concern infants and fetuses while the others concern children and adults. I suggest you run a search for "causes of hyperinsulinism".

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