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what does a fasting blood sugar level of 107 mean?

sanjai s
u need to consult ur physician immediately to manage high sugar level.

Dr. House
In my book normal values are 80-110. So to me that value at that time was normal.

Gary B
it means that you are absolutely, perfectly NORMAL.

the NORMAL range for fasting blood suagrs is 80-120.

That you have a slightly above normal glucose level in your bloodstream.

For blood sugar levels in fasting conditions to reach levels that already includes 107 high. Obviously, your sugar levels will be higher if not in the fasting state. Therefore, you should already aware through diet and regular exercise.

Just to expand on Tim's answer, a lot of doctors will diagnose "Pre-Diabetes" with multiple readings above 100. It COULD mean that you're on your way to diabetes, but it doesn't necessarily. If you have access to a glucometer, check your readings after a couple of meals (1-2 hours) as well and this should give you some additional details.

After meals, you're looking for below 160 -- it SHOULD be lower than that, but a lot of things I've read say that non-diabetics do (on rare occasions after huge carby meals) get as high as 160mg/dl.

Good luck to you.

impaired fasting glucose

Your numbers are creeping up. It should still be early enough to lower your fasting blood sugar with diet and exercise.

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