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 Do you think I could have diabetes?
*I have been really tired, like I can't through the day without having a sleep for an hr or so in the day

*I have been really hungry & eating lots but not gaining weight- even ...

 What does this mean???????????????
well ive had some symptoms of diabetes, like my foot going numb, thirsty and needing the toilet too often. and i did the blood sugar test at home and the reading was 8.6, im nt sure, does this mean i ...

 why am i dizzy everyday?
i just come to visit my dad an this just started. any time i get up i get dizzy what is rong with ...

 why am i thirsty all the time?
i generally only drink water.
i dont often drink juice.
i dont like fizzy drinks
i only have redbush (caffeine free) tea, without sugar or milk.

i drink plenty of water ...

 is it normal for my blood sugar to only be 75 1 hour after eating?
i had lunch at 12:30 i ate a normal lunch i had 2 hot dogs with bread and cheese and and all the good stuff and a pop and a hour later i checked my sugar and it was only 75 and i checked again 1 ...

 I'm a type 2 diabetic?
And to soothe my cravings, I'm planning to have something sweet every Saturday. If I have nothing else during the week, will I be okay?...

 Type 1 diabetic?? Weight gain ?? Insulin ?? Help !!?

I am a type 1 diabetic and have been for the last 10 years .
About 2 years ago I started to take extra insulin so that my blood sugar levels would always be down and so I could ...

 average cost for medicine per person?

 HOW MUCH IS 62 1/2% OF %80 ?

 my ac1 is very high and I don't know how to lower it?
The truth I don't take the insulin my doctor prescribed for me. It is very hard for me to continue to stick myself three to four time a day, I do take my oral medications....

 can diabet people drink soy protein powder by Optimum company ?
I bought one and my family has one person suffer from diabet .It said it doesnt contain sugar .but when i drink i find that it is still sweet ,so do you know what contain in the product make it sweet ...

 how do i get my blood sugars under control?

 what are the effect when sodium content is reduced below optimum level in our body?

 hermpardol tablets what are they for?
for short term memorey ...

 Why do I suddenly have a raging thirst, even though I have been told by the doctor that I am not diabetic?
I also have developed an addiction to fizzy drinks, although I am drinking mainly water and fruit juices............

 I M PERFECTLY MEDICALY fit and adult person they just go out me like i m threr presnor and i have to do every?
and i ve to do every thing according to there wish and order even i dont have choice in waering and ...

 How do you code a glucose meter ?
My Dr. said I had border line diabetes,and I should keep an eye on it. I have a meter,and test strips.but I can't find anything that tells me how to code it. I could really use some help. Thank ...

 Is it possible to get a Fasting Blood Sugar false positive result?
Wondered if there were any professionals out there that could answer my question. No family history of diabetes, but a fasting blood sugar result came back with a 143 mg/dl

I'm ...

 What test does a doctor test a patient to find if he has diabetic mellitus, type 1?
The boy is 8 years old. He feel fatigued, lost weight and his feet feel tingling....

 What are 5 signs and symptoms of muscle fatigue?

recognizing obvious changes in patient's status?

That's not very helpful, is it, dear lady?

Who is noticing the "obvious changes"? What's being done about them? Is it being reported? Who to? Is it being recorded? What changes? What action is being taken?

Where is the question regarding these changes that you want recognized? You left all the details out. You need to have a starting place for anything in health. Either the patient was diagnosed in good health and then something happened or other things like this. Recognizing changes in any patients status is vital for any health care worker to know and chart. When they are really bad the doctor is called for orders. Please read the question and then add the details so people can help answer you. Good luck and God Bless

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