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 i dont like questions that start with OMG PLEASE HELP I THINK I HAVE DIABETES!!!!!!!?
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 Books/info on Type1 Diabetes?
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Antoinette G
neuropathy: nerve damage of feet. can this be repaired?
recently diagnosed with diabetes told to loose 15 pds this was done. So numbers may be different now concerning diabetes. Suffering 2 years with this pain

Becky W
no once the damage is done there is no going back. i take elvail and it seems to help the numbness.

Nerve damage can NOT be repaired, all you can do is to make sure your blood sugar is strictly controlled to prevent further damage.

Try increasing your intake of the vitamin Bs, especially inositol. B vitamins coat the nerves, protecting them from free radicals in the blood.

David S
There are some published studies suggesting that the body can possibly repair the damage.

The belief that nerve cells can't be repaired was debunked decades ago. The human body does have the capactity for repairing or restoring any cell in the body.

I've worked with a few people who have had improvements. Nothing that would be called a "cure" but at least a drop in pain and improvement in sensation.

Only help I know of is very strict control of your diabetes. I have a lot of it in my feet, been a diabetic for 14 years.

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