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my blood sugar level was 112 is that ok?

yheah. that is good for a diabetic and a non diabetic.

Yes,a normally a Heathy blood glucose is 100 - 145 beyond that you are on the vige of becoming low or high

If it was after fasting (8 to 12 hours with no food) then you might be prediabetic.If it was 2 hours after eating then it depends on what you ate.A good level 2 hours after eating would be 120 or less even better if it is under 100.

If it is a fasting blood sugar (more than 8 hours without eating) are you in the borderline. Normal is below 100 and pre-diabetes is 100 - 125. The best time to test is after means because you start to see a higher than normal rise in postprandial (after meals) before you will see hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) in your fasting values. You will also not see symptoms (irritation, mental confusion, increase thirst and urination) until your pancreas is about 50% gone. Lifestyle changes, exercise, and weight loss are key for initial treatment. There is a lot to diabetes so I hope this sort of helped! For Brandi24: a 2 hour postprandial glucose below 140 is OK (depends on what you ate) but you are not in the category of impaired glucose tolerance until are in 140-199 range.

I think it's okay. I've been told a normal blood sugar is between 90 and 120. So you're ok.

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