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when chandrababu will die? im eagarly waiting....

is 88 a low blood sugar level?
Was just diagnoised a type 2 diabetic and sugar level has been so iratic, ranging 121 to 262, but had a drop to 88 and started shaking, and feeling like I was going to pass out.

julie z
here is some advice .I have a daughter who is type 1 she is 11.88 is normal blood sugar now if u fall to 88 and ur body is used to being high ur body is goin to react to 88 . but u would not pass out from 88

For most people, good blood sugar levels are:

On waking up (before breakfast) 80 to 120
Before meals 80 to 120
2 hours after meals 160 or less
At bedtime 100 to 140

88 is normal

88 is an excellent reading, but as deborah says is probably too low to start with. Your body has been used to much higher levels and is reacting to being hauled back down abruptly. You'll need to gently taper off your use of sugars etc, so it comes down gradually and steadily. Congratulations - you've been TOO good!

88 is a good reading for fasting blood sugar level.

Basically, you're going to need to train yourself to get used to your new diet and exercise. Buy and read this book:

Half of what I eat is leafy green veggies. After meals I go for a walk. 10 minutes is okay. Ease into these things. If you're overweight, you need to lose some weight.

A normal fasting sugar is 70-100. Your body has been used to much higher levels, so it THINKS you are too low. This is a little low this early in your treatment. If you haven't already done so, eat a 1/2 c of juice or mild and that should take the edge off the shakiness. If you haven't eaten breakfast, eat. If you HAVE eaten, and are not due to eat again in several hours, eat 1/2 peanut butter or meat sandwich. DON"T OVER TREAT. If you eat too much, you will just drive your sugars up much higher again. After all this, get with your health care provider and get a referral to a Certified diabetic educator. Some are nurses, some are dietitians. They can explain in more detail a plan for eating,exercise and meds to control yo diabetes without crashing. There is a great support site at Dlife.com. I encourage you to check out these resources and read, read read. THe more you understand about the disease, the more you can live a long and healthy life. Good Luck!

No. That is within normal limits. Depending on what lab the blood is screened at, the range is 70-120. However, this can vary, with some labs reporting the range as 70-100.


Natalie C
88 is perfect

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