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 Dangers to sugar free? Credible?
Please respond with a real reason for why sugar free sweetener is bad for you. Please don't say it's common knowledge because it's not. Every person I talked to said something ...

 I need help with an insulin pump and diabetes in general.?
My insulin pump broke and I received a new one. My new internal medicine doctor knows nothing about them and cant help me. I've asked for a prescription for syringes to at least get some insulin ...

 where can i get hcg diet in the shot form also the supplies to do the diet,?

 how do i increase my level in Y! Answers?

 I need to ask this product question about vitiman silver?
so my boy friend got this thing called silver he says its heathly to take and it cures you from flu and other harmful stuff that can make you sick...if anyone has taken the product i need advice...is ...

 why does my blood sugar go up even when I don't eat?

 what actually is Diabetes?

 I don't know if I am dehydrated/diabetes?
i`m tired Alot and my head hurts i cant see well my eyes hurt my mouth is so dry and i dont drink water mabye its diabetes but i dont go to the bathroom alot at night but my pee is like really yellow ...

 Symptoms of diabites?
so my family history on dad sides consisits of deisase lik diabetes and cancer so am I likely to hav these diesaes how can I prevent and how do I no if I have diabetes lik wat r symtoms and r ...

 What are reasons for frequent urination besides diabetes?
When i went to my doctor and told him i urinate alot, he would obviously know if i was diabetic right?? but he didn't say i was,,, and he said my blood sugar is normal at 80. but i still dont ...

 what happens when a non diabetic is given insulin shots?

 attention grabbing device for American Obesity Presentation?
This is for a public speaking class. I want to inform my classmates about the startling fact that USA is the fattest country globally. What is a good attention grabbing paragraph or few sentences! ...

 How does a person know they have Diabetes?
HELP HELP HELP! Give me symptoms please!...

 what does this mean when my blood report says these?
I have recently had fasting blood and urine tests. although it's kind of abnormal report.What does it mean when its says..1.GLUCOSE-125-CHOLESTEROL-2.219- TRIGLYCERIDE-202-3. VLDL-40.40 and in ...

 Sometimes my blood sugar will randomly plummet for no reason. What's wrong with me?
Occasionally, I will start feeling very weak and I'll start shaking, and I have to eat something starchy and drink juice to get back to normal, but it takes a while. I've had doctors check ...

 Neurontin for diabetic neuropathy?
I was prescribed neurontin for paid due to diabetic neuropathy. I have been taking Neurontin for about 2 weeks now and it just makes me sleepy and the pain is still there. Will the sleepyness and ...

 What is the highest ever recorded sugar level for a diabetic?
highest ever recorded........

 If blood sugar level is 412 what should i do?

 Worried About Dizziness All The Time... HELP!!?
Hi All,
I am 13 years old and for the last month and a half I have suffered from all of these problems. Constantly worried, panicked, paying too close attention to my symptoms, as soon as my ...

 How to prevent frequent urination caused by diabetes?
I haven't been diagnosed with diabetes, but I'm afraid that I have it. My blood/glucose readings are 110-120 when I wake up, and stay above 90 throughout the day.

The main ...

girl sneaking pee in for drug test?
I'm taking a drug test and haven't smoked in about 3 weeks but I KNOW for a fact it wouldn't be out of my system yet because I smoked a lot. So what are some ways girls can sneak in clean pee without it getting to cold? I'm going to have my cousin pee for me.

don't answer if you're just gonna be a smart *** or say stop smoking because I have stopped for now.

syl c.
I guess I'm going to be a smart--- and answer: While technology can now identify adulterated samples, safeguards also exist at the urine specimen collection site, whether it's at a clinic or at the job-site. For example:

donors are not allowed in the collection room with coats, purses, bags, or other objects that may be used to conceal an adulterant.

soaps, other possible adulterants are removed from bathroom; toilet water is tinted blue so it can't be used to dilute a sample.

donors must wash their hands before entering the collection room to reduce the risk of smuggling substances under their fingernails or on their hands.

in the case of "on-site" collections, donor is routinely required to report immediately and directly to the Drug Test Technician (DTT) when notified of drug test...donor is not permitted to "go the the locker room", "run down the hall", or "get something out of the car" (often-used ploys to enable a cheater to retrieve adulterants or substitutes) before seeing the DTT and providing a specimen and these are just some of the ways then there's the labs specimen testing detection system along with the above.......stay drug free and you won't have to worry about how to get around the system. Good luck to you.

Gary B
Diabetics don't do that. WE take care of ourselves, and don't do illegal drugs.

Go find the YA section for "Potheads and Stoners" and ask them.

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