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 Diagnosed with gestationa diabetes just checked my blood sugar,is 114 and hour & a half after a meal too high?

 why do i have this all the time and why cant the doctors tell me?
since as long as i can remember, ive had almost constant yeast or bacterial infections. before you go saying im dirty, i am extremely clean down there. do eerything the doctors tell me. but it never ...

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I can't stand this old fat guy. He was always so arrogant in movies/TV he starred in. Now he's Liberty Mutual's spokesperson. He's very much overweight. Obviously he doesn't ...

 what is the major factor that regulates insulin secretion?
pls put the reference if possible.....

 Anyone know what my grandmother meant when she told gramps to go flour his neck?
This has to be from the 20's or 30'...

 what to do if glucose gets to 311?

 what is the normal range for a non fasting glucose number?
I have read lots of information about fasting glucose numbers in reference to diabetes however I cant find nearly as much information on the normal range for non fasting numbers. I got my blood ...

 niacin and vitamin b-12?
i've heard that these things help clear thc out of the body. is that true? Also, what does flush free mean? that's what is says on the niacin bottle and does that mean it doesn't clear ...

 why do i have blood in my urine?

 What is the best drink to get a Starbucks for someone with type 2 diabetes?
And is it ok to drink everyday?...

 What's a good eating plan for someone that may have type 2 diabetes?
What should I eat for Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, and what drinks should I have?...

 diebetes ????????????????????

When im eating i always feel like ive not ate like i feel really hungry after it does that mean i have diabetes ?

I always diet alot sometimes i go on a diet for long ...

 how does a person get diabetes?
do you have to have a history of diabetes in your family or can you still get it if you don't have a history of diabetes in your family?...

 Diabetics - How often do you eat sweets?

 My new blood test gives me an A1C of 6.1. What is the significance of that number?
My eAG is 128....

 how do you control your blood sugars?
My A1C was 8.6.
My doc wants me to get it down between 6.5 and 7.0 in 3 months.
I am taking Metformin and glyburide and have no desire to take anything else.
So if you have any ideas ...

 Is there a vitamin that improves blood circulation?
im wondering if there's a pill that increases blood circulation. like a vitamin i can get at Walgreen's or something?...

 thank you, peripheral vision?

 are there any diabetic chat rooms for teens?
hey im 15 years old and im a diabetic and i am trying to find some diabetic websites because i dont have any diabetic friends and it would help to have someone to talk to. if ur a diabetic who is ...

does tequila affect diabetes?
im a type 1 diabetic. i was a little sad to find out that i couldn't drink alcohol anymore. but i just heard that tequila doesn't affect the blood sugar at all. ive tried researching it but i haven't found much info. can sum1 help me out as soon as possible? thanx :)

not sure about type 1,but type 2 alcohol lowers your blood sugar.
it does this because your liver also makes some insulin.
alcohol is a poison to your body(no joke for real),so when you drink the liver stops making insulin in order to rid the body of the alcohol
be careful when you drink,you may get too low.

Jim C
Yes, tequila converts to sugar just like other spirits. Not to say that a type 1 diabetic cannot drink alcohol, but you must recognize that it will totally jack up you blood sugar if you are not careful. I would suggest you drink with extreme care, check your blood sugar often, and resign yourself to the reality that "partying" does not necessarily mean you have to be drunk.

that i not true all alcohol effects your blood sugars. it turns to sugar in your system. also your kidneys are now risk due to the diabetes and alcohol is bad for your liver and kidneys. you don't need the added strain. follow your doctors orders to the letter. my dad thought if no one saw him eat it it didn't count and he just lost his left leg above the knee. it's no game. take care.

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