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diabetes and can't afford insulin?
I'm 22 years old and living with my dad and I have just been diagnosed with diabetes...it started off having Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum on my foot (that's how I found out I had diabetes) and it was too painful to walk on so I quit my job, I worked in a grocery store (part time...) so I have 0 money right now (not like the money I was making at my job was enough anyways) so is there a way I can get ODSP or disability or something to help me out? because I NEED to take my insulin and if I run out, I won't be able to afford more so I WILL DIE! but if I can't be helped maybe dying won't be such a bad idea then...HA... so please advise people?

Mogollon Dude
Social Security disability may be tough to get . Try for state assistance .

Get a job. Honestly thats the best solution. You need a job for a stable income to pay for your diabetic supplies and also you can land a job with health benefits so that your supplies are covered. HOWEVER for your case you might be considered to have a pre-existing condition. That means that you have a gap in insurance coverage and now that you have been diagnosed with Diabetes most insurance companies will not cover you because you have a "pre existing condition"
Some insurance companies will, but it will cost more than usual.
You may need to look into buying your own insurance plan. Again you need some sort of income to afford this. There is not an option, you need to pay for your medical bills unfortunatley.

Listen to Rachel and do it quick before you run out of insulin. You can always get help by talking to a case manager, a social worker at the doctor office or a hospital. They will arrange assistance for you. Diabetes treatment is a necessity, you have to treat it to get it healed before you can work and be on your own. Go get help! Good luck.

OK, calm down! There are options for you! First off, speak to your local hospital about financial assistance. If you have little income like you say you should be approved for it. They will typically not cover things like the pens or pumps because they are not a "necessity". But you should get all your insulin, needles, syringes, lancets, test strips, and everything for free. Just contact your local hospital and ask about their financial assistance program and how you can put an application in. They should be very helpful.

The following is a link for a Humalog coupon, assuming you are on meal time insulin? You can use this coupon twice a year to get 3 free pens of humalog. That should last you a while! http://kwikpenvoucher.humalog.com/voucher.cfm

Also, speak with your endocrinologist or diabetes nurse about your financial problem. Ask if they can give you any free insulin samples. Also ask if they can refer you to any financial assistance programs.

Here is another link that may be helpful: http://www.needymeds.org/

Just do a little research on google. There are many different programs that will offer help to people in need.

About the disability, you can try to get on it but I doubt you can. Unless your diabetes has actually caused you to be severely disabled (blind, limbs amputated, etc.) they won't give it to you. The government wants you to be near dead before they will offer any help to you. LOL

talk with your physician, pharmacist, nurse or maybe social worker. they may be able to get you some insulin until you are able to purchase your own. some drug companies offer medications for compassionate use.

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