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can husband and wife can have same blood group?

Yes, they can. It depends. One can marry a person from different blood group or from same blood group

pecola princepessa

john e russo md facm faafp
Of course. I do not think that anyone would check their blood type prior to getting married. Blood type has nothing to do with compatibility or love. The real question is if a man and a woman have a child what are the possibilities of the different blood groups that may be seen in their off-spring. Every now and again someone questions paternity or a child is found to have a blood type that would not be possible given the parents blood types.

Yes, they can. There will be no problems in both of them having the same blood group.

Yes,My friend,his wife & 2 daughters all have the same blood group.

rajendra s
Well this "can" is strange. I am A+, My wife is A+, My two daughters are A+, I am married from the last 40 years without any problem sofar. I am 70 years and have never gone to any hospital for any kind of problem, same is with my wife except for two deliveries she has also not gone to any hospital for any treatment so is the case with my two daughters. You decide what this "can" could be.

Malai... The Heart of Transparency
This is no problem at all. There are four major blood groups and two Rh factors in human beings. The major blood groups are A,B, AB and O, RH factors positive and negative. That is A,B, AB, O, rh factors positive and negative. Thaty is A,B, AB, O (+ve) or A,B,AB,O(-ve). So it is very common to be of the same group of blood in a couple. Nothing bad is happening or can happen in child bearing activity because of the same blood group or different blood group. There are many minor blood groups like M,N etc but they are not important for reproduction (or) blood transfusion.

Blood group incompatibility is possible sometimes but not always. In some situations where wife is RH-ve husband is Rh+ve and child in the womb is Rh+ve and there is mixing of maternal and foetal blood, then it can lead to abortions or hydropsfoetalis (abnormal newborn). This can be prevented by giving anti-D injections to mother while she is carrying the baby. Three hundred g every two months and one booster at the time of delivery. Very rarely ABO blood group incompatibility is seen. So you need not worry about your blood group and bearing a healthy child. Try to develop a positive attitude.

Definition of Thalassemia
Thalassemia, also known as Mediterranean Anemia, Cooley's Anemia or Homozygous Beta Thalassemia, is a group of inherited disorders in which there is a fault in the production of hemoglobin (oxygen-carrying pigment found in red blood cells).
Description of Thalassemia
Blood is red because the red blood cells contain an oxygen-carrying substance called hemoglobin. The principal function of hemoglobin is to combine with and transport oxygen from the lungs and deliver it to all body tissues, where it is required to provide energy for the chemical reaction of all living cells.
Hemoglobin contains a large amount of iron. When red blood cells are broken down, most of the iron from the hemoglobin is used again to make new hemoglobin.
In the case of thalassemia the hemoglobin is fragile and breaks down sooner than normal, thus leaving the person with not enough hemoglobin in their body. This lack of hemoglobin causes anemia.
There are different types of anemia. The most common is iron-deficiency anemia. This happens when people do not have enough hemoglobin because they're not eating enough of the foods that contain iron (See Health Profile on Anemia).

Thalassemia is a different type of anemia. This happens when people do not have enough hemoglobin and is caused by the inheritance of a defective gene.

There are two forms of thalassemia:
Thalassemia trait

People with thalassemia trait carry thalassemia, but they are not ill. They are healthy and normal, however, some may have slight anemia.
People with thalassemia trait also have slightly more hemoglobin called hemoglobin A2 in their blood.
Thalassemia trait is present at birth, it remains the same for life, and it can be handed down from parents to children.

Thalassemia major

This a very serious blood disease that begins in early childhood.

Children with thalassemia major are normal at birth but become anemic between the age of three months and eighteen months. They become pale, do not sleep well, do not want to eat, and may vomit frequently after feedings.

If thalassemia major goes untreated, children usually die between one and eight years of age.


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