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 What are the effects of being negligent towards juvenile diabetes?
age 14
i know i haven't done everything i'm supposed to when it comes to taking care of myself
cramping, dry skin, paleness
what are the other side effects i should look for ...

 I have Low Blood Pessure and was wondering if theres a way to get it up?
So I have low blood pressure is there anyway i can get it up to the lvl of an average person? i just went to the doctor and it was 97/58...

 Urgent! Can diabetics eat red meat?

 Which type of Diabetes is the worse?

 Important. Health question concerning low blood sugar?
For a year or so now, I seem to have been experiencing low blood sugar symptoms. Atleast five out of seven days, I have the shaking/ trembling feelings, cold/clamy hands, sweat profusely, have ...

 Is there a chance that I have diabetes?
I have blurred vision, I have to urinate alot, I feel tired, I have an increased hunger, I get headaches and pains alot and I also feel constantly thirsty. I also seem to have mood swings. Apparently ...

 Do Disneyland guests who have diabetes receive special accommodations?
My friend has type 1 diabetes and we heard that when you go to Disneyland they give you pass to be able to go in a shorter line and not have to wait so long. We aren't sure if it's true or ...

 Diabetes Question...?
Hi Everybody,
I was wondering if somebody could tell me what tests a doctor can give you in order to find out if you have diabetes or not...?

Thank you :o)


 can insulin kill a non diabetic person???

 I'm always thirsty and I urinate all the time?
I heard these were symtoms of diabetes if I do have diabetes what type do I have and what do I do??...

 My husband has a blood sugar reading of 250 and is 27. Can he get this reading down?
Doctor told him to change diet and exercise, but is it irreversible diabetes or can this still be pre diabetes. Isn't he a little too young to be now diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?...

 How can we motivate a 10 year old type 1 diabetic to keep on top of her insulin?
My boyfriend's 10 yr old daughter has been a type 1 diabetic for 2 years now. In the beginning, when it was new, she was very careful about keeping a logbook and taking her insulin. For the past ...

 Can you get diabetes from eating too much candy?
i think i eat a lot of candy and i always have. i'm over 30 years old 5'1" and weigh 115 lbs. some people say i am prone to diabetes because i eat so much candy. is this true?...

 My iron level is low...?
My iron level is low... it's at 4%... What should I do in regards to the kinds of foods I should eat. Should I be on a special diet, and what are the long term effects of such low iron. I just ...

 Is a blood sugar level of 192 at age 16 bad?
My grandfather is a diabetic. He wanted to take my blood sugar level so he tested it the other morning. It was at 192. I don't eat a lot of sugar though. Does this mean i have diabetes? What are ...

 Can you get the Diabetic supplies from your doctor?
I know that the diabetic supplies can get pretty expensive.Is there anyway your insurance can pay for it or you just have to go out to ...walmart or Target and get the supplies?...

 Why am i so hungry all of the time?
Okay so I am a girl and im turning 16 in a couple of months, I'm at a healthy weight (5'3 tall, 128lbs.)but of course i wouldn't mind losing a few pounds haha. I am just wondering, ...

 What are the symptoms of diabetes 10 POINTS!!!?
What are the symptoms of diabetes, and can a 14 year old get diabetes. 10 ...

 Do you think that I have diabetes?
I have recently noticed that I urinate frequently and I knew it was a major symptom of diabetes so I looked up a few more. I found out that excessive thirst was another symptom, and although I don�...

 how come i feel gross when my blood sugar is going up?
how come when blood sugar is going up you feel gross?my mom has hypoglycemia and we took her blood just to see what she would be but her blood sugar went up and down but she felt fine.so how come ...

can a CNA administer insulin?

NO....you should be a registered nurse.

A CNA is not taught to give injections, most places a LPN or RN has to do it. But in theroy, yes she can give insulin. When I was in the hospital they did not allow CNA's to give insulin injections If you have a CNA in your home, she can probably give it

A Certified Nursing Assistant (Nurse's Aide) is not allowed to administer insulin or any other medications. Only a Physician, Registered Nurse, or Licensed Practical Nurse should administer insulin injections. (Other than the patient themselves, once they are educated how to). The only exception would be in some home care settings where the CNA is permitted by the insurance/home health care place to 'help' the patient take their insulin. This case would also be if no Nurses were provided for home care treatment.


I work in an assisted living facility and the aids there are able to give insulin shots. they arent even cna's. however they cannot draw the insulin into the syringe. It is all based on the guidelines of the state and the facility.

No, not legally. Most states require you to be a Medical Assistant or a nurse.So in an institutional setting no. CNA's don't usually have the training on administering medications and injections.
This is from:http://en.allexperts.com/q/Careers-Nursing-1527/cna-duties.htm
CNA's can do techinal tasks such as vital signs, weights, blood pressures, EKG's once trained, but you may not administer medications nor vaccines as you are not licensed. You can even draw blood if the doctors train you. You can collect specimens too.

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