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 i have very high blood pressure and blood sugar.?
i have go thru medical for my job and i wants both should be normal on my medical day otherwise i'll loose job. my hbp is 146/120 and sugar is 11 mdl. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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 Why frozen entree foods designed for diabetics have not been created?
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 Knots/Bumps under Injection Sites ?
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 what exactly is lipo glycemia ?

 what is the name of the medication they prescribe for the pain of neurapathy in your feet?

 Should Diabetics eat Avocados Pear? What are the reasons that might compel a Diabetic not to eat Avocados Pear

Why does neuropathy hurt so bad?

carpet guy
This is a great website for diabetics. You can post your Question there too

Mad Roy
European studies recommend lipoic acid 300-600 mg a day for neuropathy problems. Adelle Davis says high dose B vitamins and B vitamin rich foods helped some of her patients (Let's Get Well - AD). Monavie juice has helped some people get varying degrees of relief (info on request)

gangadharan nair
There is an increased risk of injury to the feet because of loss of sensation. Small infections can progress to ulceration (skin and soft tissue breakdown) and require amputation. In addition, motor nerve damage can lead to muscle breakdown and imbalance.
Please see the webpages for more details on Diabetic neuropathy.

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