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Why does my mom sound drunk?? Medical conditions that mimic?
My mom is quite sick from diabetes. She is 66, and has landed in the ICU with a sugar of 1420 last year. She has foot ulcers, bad eyesight, heart failure, and bad kidneys. Over the past 6 months or so, my older sister and I have noticed periods of time that my mom sounds like she has a "hot potato" in her mouth. She can't enunciate the words, cutting off the beginnings and ends. Almost like she is highly drunk and slurring. She mentioned one time the doctor said she had had some TIA's. Then she can't remember saying that. Her emotional reactions aren't what they should be. I could tell her something traumatic (someone died or got seriously injured), and she would respond "Oh that's nice". I can call 2 hours later, and she seems perfectly normal. The last time this happened, her sugar was only 196. She is very stubborn, and doesn't want to go to the doctors. Do these sound like more TIA's?

If I were to call the ambulance, and they were to witness this behavior themselves, can they make her to the hospital, or if she could slur the words "I don't want to go" would they be required to leave her at home? It is obvious to any human that something is wrong. Last time, we had to wait for her to pass out before they would take her to the hospital. By then her sugar was 1420, and she went into a coma.

Any suggestions, or ideas??

My mom hasn't drunk in 18 years. The last time I was there, I asked for a drink. There is no liquor in the house. She isn't drinking.

Well to begin a person with a BGL of 1420 is DEAD so something is wrong with that. If you call an ambulance and the patient appears to be coherent and capable of making a decision that person cannot be transported against their wishes, that is considered kidnapping. If your mother is truly having this serious of issues she needs to be in a nursing home.

EMT Paramedic

Miz Lamb

Any one or all of the above when she sounds drunk!! Call the ER or Paramedics to come attend to her if you cannot be there to see what is happening.

Much better to have her mad at you than to lose her through ignoring warning signs!!

I didn't know and lost my mom!!

If she is bad, she needs to be in the hospital to be seen to or you will not have her much longer. YES!! if she is incoherent, they can take her to treatment!! They will check for blood pressure, and for glucose levels.

stubborn does not count if you love her!! Tell her that your e-friend hates that she is killing herself!

people with blood sugar issues can have symptoms like you're describing when their sugar is extremely low. If her meds are off and causing this, that is what probably is happening.

a sugar of 1420 is extreme. my husband's highest reading was in the 1100 range. your mom's diabetes is way out of control. i'm assuming she's not taking any of her meds properly. she should be on insulin of some kind, blood pressure meds, etc. she probably has diet restrictions. if she's got kidney failure but not on dialysis yet, she should limit anything with potassium, limit protein (that will change after dialysis starts), limit salt, etc. she probably has had another TIA, maybe even a small stroke. if she gets a brain scan, the damage from that can be seen, even after recovery. sounds like she may also have some memory issues unrelated to diabetes (possibly related to the stroke issues). ambulance crew cannot force a person to go to hosp unless they are incapable of making a competent decision. like others said, she needs to see the doctor. if she won't go, call her doctor (endocrinologist or internist) yourself & tell them what you've seen. they may insist you bring her in to be checked. from there, they'd likely recommend hospitalization in order to get her stabilized. at this point, she might well need nursing home care. good luck!

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