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 what is the average life expectancy of black labs ??

 Questions for a diabetes management nurse?
I would like to become an RN and specialize in diabetes management. I've heard that diabetes management nurses work with diabetes patients and help them manage their condition. However, I was ...

 How can I get my medication at an affordable price?
I have Ulcerative Colitis and need to take Pentasa. I am a student and my student insurance will only pay half of what it cost which is $600 a month. How can I get my medication at a better price?...

 Are all women with PCOS insulin Resistant?
Just a quick question i have PCOS and i wondered if we are all insulin resistant becuase i don't have excessive hair or acne but I'm slightly overweight and finding it hard to loose but i ...

 when should i test blood sugar?

 i am lightheaded so plz help?
ok so here is the thing i have been severely light headed since may 21st and it isn't just on and off its always on so what should i do i mean i always am light headed no matter what i do so ...

 do i possibly have diabetes?
I am sixteen, i am tall and thin, i am six foot and weigh ten stone. lately i have been feeling really tired, i sleep, but its not really helping, also i have been urinating more frequently and feel ...

 is any medicine which stop diabeties?

 I think I might be hypoglycemic, my symptoms start around meal times, which include nausea, fatigue, headache.?
If there's any professioanls who think it would be worth seeing a doctor please say so, I have no insurance so I'm trying to avoid a bill if I can....

If you have hypoglycemia does that mean your diabetic or becoming diabetic????????...

 do i have diabetes and how to keep it from happening?
i drink more than i should of soda because im constantly thirsty ik go to the bathroom more because i drink so much i eat alot of sugar ieven asked my dad to go to walmart tobuy me lavored water ...

 Bio question about oral medications for diabetics?
Explain why insulin cannot be taken orally, and why other oral medications, such as metformin be taken orally to help treat diabetes?...

 am i diabetic or not?
okay, so for the past 4-6 months i have been Drinking (water) all the time Blurry vision constant tiredness dry mouth and urinating alot ive had a blood test last week to check my blood ...

 Non-diabetics with toast and jelly?
I think and hope i'm non-diabetic, but i have some questions. When i woke up my blood sugar was low 70's, is this normal? I ate some toast and grape jelly, and a banana, and an hour later ...

 Wild readings on my ReliOn Ulitma Blood Glucose monitor...?
I had dinner about three hours ago. I checked my blood sugar four times (out of different fingers) and got readings in the low-to-mid 90s. I checked it ten minutes later - out of the same fingers - ...

 I just learned that i've got diabetes, what is the best place to get supplies without having to have insurance?

 can a diabetic eat potatoes?

 insulin production from pencreas glands?

 Social Security and diabetes?
Just curious...can you get social security if you're diabetic?...

 is it possible to lose 65lbs in 5 months?

Why do people eat their way to becoming morbidly obese?
Is it mostly because of an addiction, lack of self control, or depression? Or something like that?

For me, I believe it is down to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (or Stein–Leventhal syndrome) and medications, but mainly due to the PCOS!!!! PCOS is a total body endocrine disease and can cause men and women to get very heavy amongst other things. I say men as well because men can be affected by it also. It can also cause the person to become insulin resistant as well as develop diabetes type 2 and have cardiovascular disease. My self control is as good as anyone else's, I am not depressed and I don't have an addiction to food!!!! I eat less that most people, I have had many rude people comment that they were surprised I was so large with how little I eat... Some of them have even asked me outright if I binge eat!!!!! (I do not!!!!) There are many reasons for why people are as they are, don't just assume because usually you will be wrong!!!! Now... Where did I put that box of donuts??? *Wink*

TheOrange Evil
There are a lot of reasons why people become obese. Some are depressed, some have natural insulin resistance (part of a larger metabolic disorder) that causes/exacerbates weight gain, some have thyroid issues, some just eat too much, some binge eat like others binge drink, some have delayed leptin signaling, and almost every human being is constantly fighting back the urge to overeat. Most of us, whether for evolutionary reasons or some other cause, desire to eat more than we need for the times when we won't have as much food. Thin people do this, too, and in fact thin people I know usually eat more than the fat people I know, it's just that they have supercharged metabolisms that burn off whatever they eat.

Do not always conclude obesity is from ove rindulging with food. Medications can cause huge weight gains. One young man I know of is on meds for liver problems he was born with and he could not possibly be classified as a heavy eater.He is 15 and weight went up to 280 lbs.! then again, obesity among shool children is becoming a great concern to the medical field -mark it up to junk food on and off the school ground. gov't is now upgrading school lunches to do away with the stuff and getting more healthy foods in but kids are already protesting so they make the choice to be fat and bullied (which doesn't excuse the bulling but does bring it on).

It's because food is good, and eating is addicting, even more so in hard times.

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