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 Questions referring to Diabetes signs and symptoms?
Well, recently (The past few months) I've been noticing some changes with my body. I'm not quite sure when they started, but I know that they've gotten increasingly worse over the ...

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I have had my friends grandma who is a nurse tell me she thinks that I might be becoming diabetic. And It runs in my family. Lately I have been feeling kind of sick and my weight has been really ...

 Help! Am i diabetic??????!!!?
Okayy.. well. Im urinating very vegularly.. Im very tired atm and have been for a couple of days and ive generally been feeling like S***.
When i get up and walk arround im getting dizzy and i ...

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I am looking for coupons for these, with no luck....

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My dad's blood type is O and my mom's is B. Which blood type can possibly be mine ?...

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Yesterday i was diagnosed with high sugar levels at 5.5, I'm Borderline Diabetic, I'm really scared....

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im having blood work done tomorrow for a bunch of things but most importantly im being tested for celiac disease. i know your supposed to fast before the test but im diabetic and i have low blood ...

 Can Type 1 Diabetes cause complications in surgery?
Any complications or effects of it when having surgery? Type one, mind you.
Need it for research for a book...thanks!...

 How do you know when your diabetes insulin is finished? So you could use another one?
I use levemir Flexpen. I was wondering when I would be done with the first pen they come in five. I have to take 10mg at night before bed. Thank you....

 Are these symptoms of diabetes?
I eat too many simple sugars. Lately, I've been trying to give up sweets completely, but I do better some days than others.

On days when I eat lots of sweets, I have to pee a lot, I ...

 side effects of water fasting?!?!?
ok so before i sk the question i dont need anyone to tell me this is bad n blah blah blah i realixe its not the healthies thing in the world but it is my choice

ok so i am on a water fast ...

 How likely is he to get more ill?
My dad has type 2 diabetes and haemochromotosis, and is a heavy drinker and smoker. I am just wondering if there is anything I can say to him to make him look after himself better? Both his father ...

 Anyone with PCOD???????
I am diagnosed with Pcod lately. I am very worried about it. Heard that woman with pcod cant be a mother and pcod cannot be cured .. is it true?...

 Help might have diabetes type 2?
Alright Im very skinny im like 75 pounds and im in 12 years old . Diabetes does not run in the family. I also ran cross country, and I think I have diabetes type 2

Urinating ...

 Can I take glucose tablets for my hypoglycemia when I dont want to eat?
I have hypoglycemia pretty bad. It is not always convenient for my to eat. Sometimes I don't want to eat. I really don't want to. But ever since I fainted and was told I'm hypglycemic, ...

 what are the early tests to be performed to rule out kidney disease in diabetes, ignored for several years?
My friend is unaware of several years that he has been diabetic and detected finally. we want to know his renal functioning, how far it is impaired? whether impaired or not? kindly suggest me Lab ...

 Might I have diabetes?
I am 15, 5 10 and weigh about 160, so I am not overweight. I don't eat very well, I don't eat very much fruits or vegetables at all, and I have about 1.5 cokes every weekday. I am white and ...

Mike D
Why do i feel sick after i eat sweets?
I dont have diabetes but after a eat a candy bar for say i feel a little nauseous and sick. What can be wrong with me?

Fook Yu
you can't handle the sugar load anymore. try eating fruit, its nature's candy

we eat lot of unnatural food ,chemically treated food, animal protein, wrong food combination ,stress cause blood impure its over load its eliminating through sweat, scales of the skin, and mucus ,that is problem,we suppress the toxic in to body again ,it will select a already weakened organ , which organ is affect they show symptom, so we give some name its called disease. Now you got stomach, not nose or lung, your over burden of stomach case this allergy ,do one thing ,One full day you do not eat anything you feel better. follow naturopathy

Alexis Pennigton
Well mabey you eat to much sweets

Jack Calvinman
Too much candy?
Random Coincidence?

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