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 I thought you get diabetes from eating a lot of surgar am i right?
This is for type 1 and 2 etc.....

 can water pills still make you pee after one day of taking them?

 i found a Twix from this january (2010) is it still good to eat?

 high blood sugar after juice?
Today I checked my blood sugar and it was very high 257 but I also had 3 glasses of juice 1 orange. And 2 apple and these cups are the size of a small coffee cup and I had a few bites of a pastry ...

 what are the numbers that show you have diabetes or not?

 Can sweet potato be a cure for diabetes?
This is for our research thesis. Please do answer. What are the components of sweet potato that can cure diabetes???...

 Is there a connextion with LOU GERIG desease and insulin?

 Could i be anemic?????????
i dont barley eat meat or beans i dont drink milk at all or i dont eat fruits or vegies only some once in a while
all the time i get up i get like rilly dizzy everything dont turn black but it ...

 blood sugar is 116. am i diabetic?
i checked my sugar
when i woke up before i had breakfast it was 104
right after i ate 121
and now 2 hours later its 116.

my mother is diabetic and she had me check at these 3...

 My boyfriend has Type I Diabetes and I'm worried, can anyone help?
I don't know much about type I diabetes and I want to... today we were just walking and he pinched himself to get a drop of blood and test himself and then it said he was at 265 is this normal? ...

 How long does it take for symptoms(diabetes) to show up?
Like say you're thirsty as one of the first symptoms, how long until you get another?
and if the only diabetic symptom I have is being thirsty and peeing all the time I probably have pre ...

 easy and cheap meals?
I am hypoglycemic and need to eat frequently. When i start nursing school next semester i was hoping to have quick and easy breakfasts and lunches (lunches to bring to school). Anyone have any easy ...

 can you get diabetes by eating to much sugar in one day /?

 is there anything I can do to lessen the chance of me getting ..?

Unfortunately everyone in my immediate family has diabetes and alot of my cousins and extended family has it. Diabetes runs on both sides of my family too. Since everyone has it ...

 What is the best diet for a type 2 diabetic ?
What foods should I try to eat and what should I avoid ?...

 Why am I thirsty all the time?
Why am I thirsty all the time?
For a few months now I've always been thirsty for water like, majority of the day... because of this I pee a lot. My pee is usually clear since I drink water ...

 if i start to eat mostly meat and very little carbohydrates will I lose body fat and weight?
of course I will exercise, walk and maybe do some light weight lifting. I am not wanting to gain muscles, just want my natural muscle to show. I just want to tone up, mostly my core. Age is ...

 constantly tired and having fatigue whatt to doo?
i am 15 and for the past week or so all i have been wanting to do is be in bed and sleep. i am always tired and i have muscle pains and head achs and i am dizzy, sometimes my chest starts to hurt ...

 What am I if I'm constantly thirsty, make more visits to the restroom BUT have low blood sugar?
I drink a lot of fluids and consequently pee a lot. My vision is worsening. I am overweight. So I'm thinking maybe I'm on my way to being diabetic but sometimes, maybe once or twice a ...

 is blood sugar after meal 142is normal?

Why am i retaining so much water?
i have a fatty liver all my liver enzymes are normal i dont know yet what caused my fatty liver or how bad it is but my liver seems to be functioning fine i am retaining water in my face,legs,arms,feet and i feel really bloated in my stomach is this due to the fatty liver or can it be somehting else? and if it is due to my liver should i be worried?

Bob Crans
Even though your liver enzymes are fine, you still have Fatty Liver Disease which can potentially get worse. Fatty Liver Disease, if not treated properly can lead to cirrhosis and death, as you probably already know.
For the retention of water, please check with your doctor on this, it could possibly be because of the Fatty Liver.

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Hope this helps, good luck!!

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