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How frequently does it happen?
What other types of sypmtons happens?...

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 what organ controls blood sugars?

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 Is cutting dangerous with diabetes?
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 is 147 high blood sugar?
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 Should I tell my boyfriend I know he has been diagnosed w/diabetes?
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 My brother is peeing blood.?
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 How do you feel when your blood sugar gets low? i think i may be diaetic!!!?
Last time a checked about a year ago I was borderline diabetic
I just looked on web MD and I have ALL the symptoms of it and also PCOS and other health problems.

But I was wondering ...

 Diabetes Information Help!?
This is for research purposes only.
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 does fasting for 14 hrs instead of 12 hour matter when checking blood sugar levels in a diabetic?
I am diabetic. I was diagnosed about 6 months ago. I use to drink 8 to 10 pop cans a day. After I was diagnosed I started drinking diet pop. My levels 6 months ago were about 149. I tested my levels ...

 does anyone else ever feel this way?
i have had type 1 diabetes for almost 4 months now.
and i was fine with everything at first.
i always did my injections and didn't complain.
and tried to toughen up

but ...

 Is 6.2% for HbA1c considered high for people with diabetes?
I checked on the web and it all says different things. Some websites say 5-6% is considered normal while other websites consider 5-7% as normal. I don't know which one is correct for people with ...

 Do you get diabetes from eating too much sugar?
If so, how much sugar does this take? Do you have to be really fat?...

Why am I so thirsty? PLEASE HELP!!!?
Ok Well. I have been EXTREMELY thirsty for about a month now. I have already been tested for diabetes and it came out fine. When I get thirsty I HAVE TO HAVE WATER RIGHT AWAY or I feel like I will literally suffocate. Then when I drink water I need more... and more... and more... and can never get enough... what is wrong with me... Im 13, 118 lbs, and 5' 8". in school it has gotten so bad that I drank 3 bottles of water BEFORE LUNCH!!! again I was already tested for diabetes and that isnt it... what is wrong with me????

Low iron. Some people will sit and eat ice all day long. Your body doesn't have enough iron in it so you get a water/ice craving. This is also something that must me checked by your doctor and treated by him.

u culd b diabetic....do you have to pee all the time....u shuld get a second opinion...doctors aren't always right

Beautiful Disaster
The iron in your body could be low. Sometimes you get cravings for water or ice when its low. I know that I do. You should really have it tested.

Do you do a lot of phisical activities ? It could be because of your age and how active you are. You could be going through a growth spirt.

kirsti L
you properly haven't got enough nutrients in your body try an drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic drinks and fizzy drinks like coke

have you exercised much before? and when you exercised, did you eat protein bars, or protein drinks?

if you suddenly and break the routine of consuming protein, then you might drink and go to the toilet alot.

well thats my theory, because the same happened to my brother, and we are quite not sure why, but he did suddenly stop going to the gym and trying hard..

hope it helps.. lol

Marisol G
You should really see a doctor. You could have a hydration problem.

Talk to your doctor, he's the only one that can get to the bottom of this and he'll need to get more info and take some tests.

Don't waste your time asking here. If you don't have diabetes, then we can't really help you.


Are you sweating excessively?

It can be several problems, and you need to go back to the doctors.

Around the age os 11 - 15, you tend to develop a better amount of sweating, so you can cool your body off, that little kids just can sweat as much. It is just a change that you will deal with, not really related to today's problem.

You might just be totally dehydrated, in that case drink up to 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water. Or if you are 120 pounds, then you can drink up to 60 ounces of water daily. 8 ounce glasses, that is about 8 per day, split up throughout the day. If you are drinking 3 - 12 ounce bottles of water, that is 36 ounces, or about 2/3 of your daily needs.

Yes you could also have a urinary tract infection, it depends on if it hurts to pee. If you are not peeing often throughout the day, that is an indication that you are dehydrated.

Good Luck

There are other problems that can cause increased thirst. If you have no other symptoms besides being thirsty (and going to the bathroom more) and your blood sugar has been tested and is normal, your doctor should investigate other possible causes.

Through rare, an example of a condition that causes increased thirst is diabetes insipidus. This is NOT related to blood sugar in any way despite the name. It is a hormone deficiency involving the petuitary gland. I am sure there are other conditions out there that would also cause these symptoms, so please go see a doctor, no one here can diagnose you.

Football King
Go to the doctor, people on Yahoo answers won't be able to answer this.

The only person who can tell you what is wrong is a doctor after he has taken a full history from you and completed any test he needed done and completed a physical exam go and see one as soon as possible if you are worried, people on this site can only guess what is wrong with you and with the limited information given it would be hard to come up with a diagnosis and a miracle if it was right. go see a doctor.

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