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 Does this sound like i have diabetes?
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Kamal D
Which kind of fruits should be taken by a diabetes patient ?
please give your suggestions.

Which fruits should a person take for diet who is a patient of Diabetes?


oranges are the best. but pretty much any fruit is okay

Take d fruits hving vitamine C in ample quantity such as guava,oranges,apiece of papaya , olive is best. avoid banana.

Juan C
A new Israeli study suggests that pomegranate juice, despite its high content of sugar, would be beneficial for diabetics.

German Shepard
If you are on insulin you can eat any fruit you just adjust your insulin. If not on insulin than make sure you figure the number of carbs per meal and adjust what else you eat. Also test 1 hour after eating, if you spike too high reduce portion size.

fruits with more calorific value are prohibited, i.e. mango, pine apple, papaya.
go to google search and find out calorific value of fruits and starr eating, in lieu of normal diet; but never in addition to ur stipulated diet.
please, note diabetes is curable with acupressure techniques, diet restrictions and exercise..

laci k
all fruits are good but only in moderation because they are full of natural sugars...a diabetic should definitely avoid all fruit juices because they are high in sugar except when you are having a hypoglycemic episode then you should drink orange juice because that is the easiest way to bring sugar levels up follow it with a protein and a carb like peanut butter and crackers this will stabilize it

Dora G
From modern medicine perspective, sweet fruits are OK for diabetic because the believe the so-called fructose has low glycemic index. However, there is an indication from a research that fructose is associated with the formation atherosclerotic plaque 7 times more than glucose.

There are natural healings scholars who advocate in reducing the intake of fruits (regardless of sweetness) and vegetables to 1-2 serving per day. This link may contains the info you are looking for and it explains other nutrition parameters for those interested in reversing diabetes the natural way. http://xr.com/r2k

Ms. T
Fruits and vegetables all have vitamins and minerals in them to help keep your body working properly.

Most of them are great for you, but the ones high in carbohydrates need to be limited but not eliminated. Carbohydrates will raise your sugar because they are turned directly into glucose by the body.

I have found some web pages that will explain this better to you.

Good luck to you.

Tin S
Apple, raw† 36±2
Orange, raw† 43±3
Banana, raw† 51±3
Pineapple, raw 59±8
Mango, raw† 51±5
Watermelon, raw 76±4
Dates, raw 42±4
Peaches, canned† 43±5
Strawberry jam/jelly 49±3
Apple juice 41±2
Orange juice 50±2
These numbers are from glycemic index. Anything over 55 is not a low glycemic Index.Most fruit should be eaten in moderation.

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