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 health experts only?
my friend went to the doctor earlier this month and got lab work done, but now she think that she is a diabetic because she is having some pain in her leg and arm, but if her blood sugar was out of ...

 Does this sound like diabetes?
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Hi. I'm not diabetic, but I do have a type 1 family member.

I've noticed the symptoms (primarily, drinking like the earth is going to dry up, not to mention the resulting 20 ...

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does constipation cause your back to hurt and if so is that not ...

 Do you think I have diabetes?
I have a few symptons of diabetes like, being a little iritable, and urinating often, also my legs have been really sore. Nobody in my family has diabetes so I am not sure if I even have a chance of ...

 I'm depressed about my type 1 diabetes.?
What do i do. i can't talk to anyone. and i've been skipping insulin doses. i haven't been eating either. i hate having to take shots. what do i do....

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OK, I don't mean should I kill for it ... but should I be allowed to have it? It's not like I'm drinking Dr. Pepper and eating Twizzlers....

 I've just been diagnosed with pre-diabetes! Would do I do to not get type 2??? Please help :)?
Can I avoid getting type 2? I'm heading to the gym today! And should I cut back on my carbs? Or just sugar? Any help would be great. Thank you so ...

 Does this sound like Diabetes?
Does this sound like diabetes to anybody medically informed?

For the longest time (since I started college), I would always be extremely tired, especially after large meals. It got worse ...

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The doctor said something about a recessive gene, but I'm just not so sure. I have brown hair, brown eyes. My wife has brown hair and green eyes. My daughter has blonde hair and blue eyes. C...

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I'm wondering if I could potentially be diabetic.
For no reason, I would feel dizziness, nausea, my ears would plug, my muscles would become weak, I would feel very cold air, loss of sight, ...

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1. How's life?
2. What type?
3. Is it hard?

I have type two! It's so easy!...

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I'm asking this because a friend of mine had a blood sugar of over 800 and, according to her mom, is going to be in the hospital for a while. I didn't even know my friend was diabetic. S...

 don't want diabetes ........HELP........?
Diabetes is VERY strong in my family.....my dad,uncles,aunts,greatuncles, great aunts,cosins,grandparents all have it........i dont want it.....almost all of them lost something ....like a bodypart ...

 This is probably a dumb question since I am a diabetic, but other than my own case and my mom's (who is VERY
unhealthy w/ the disease) what are the "levels" of the disease? and at what level should one be on insulin? my levels are normally not over 120-130 when i eat (and am being good) and my ...

 can a diabetic live their whole lives without any complications whatsoever?
Meaning no leg or arm amputations. no kidney transplant. no eye sight lost. nothing at all. Is it possible. How likely and unlikely?...

 Help, my blood sugar is at 250?
I am a new diabetic and my blood sugar is at 250. I am type 1 and I have kept it under 180 for the last 5 weeks, but today it jumped. I must have messed up when I counted my carbs. How do I get my ...

 Do you think I have diabetes?
My brother who is two years younger than me, and was a little overweight when he was diagnosed, has type 1. I also have other family members on my father's side with type 1.


 Can't tell if my hypoglycemia is diabetes related?
So before I begin- I am going to the doctor this weekend so please don't give me that as an answer! I'm in my early 20's, maybe 35-40 lbs overweight, but most of the time I follow the ...

silent killer
Which is better for a diabetic person, Beer or hard liquor?
I am a mild diabetic. I had 650ml of strong beer yesterday. This is after a gap of nearly three months since I was diagnosed as diabetic. I do not find any problems or uncomfortable feeling today morning. Does this mean that I can take Beer once in a week on weekends??

Which alcoholic drinks have more sugar?? Is it beer, whisky, rum, gin, vodka or wine?? Please advise.

I feel bored without consuming a small shot of alcohol on weekend only. So please guide me which alcoholic drink is good and the amount and method in which I have to consume the same.

Your answers and guidance will be much appreciated.

No one is better sir either beer or hard liquor for any body not only for diabetic. In fact we can say them as slow poisons.

You can actually buy diet ale for diabetics. All alcohols contain sugar so it's probably best to ask your specialist. If drinking spirits, try to drink them with diet cola etc.

ive had it for 15 years and i drink both it just depends on what you mix your liquer with i usally drink 211 if its beer and any liquer is good for me just take some insulinn before you drink that way it wont be high

Tin S
It is difficult to define the least amount of calories to any particular drink, but the thumb rule in spirits is the paler the drink the fewer the calories.


the hard liquor has more sugar most beers only have 5 or 6 grams or carbs per serving. however there is something about the alcohol that is not good to mix with insulin or diabetes pills! i would consult your doctor and ask if he thinks its ok to have a couple beers now and then. :oP

An-Atomy ∞RIP∞ The Rev
there are four groups of food:

1. protein
2. fat
3. carbs
4. alcohol

the problem can be carbs (beer is higher in carbs than vodka), but really....the problem is the alcohol itself. alcohol is the only group of food that adds calories to the body, but isnt used as fuel. you really need to discuss this with your physician. he/she wont judge you and probably wont tell you not to drink. but your MD can explain this much better than some long-winded y!a post.

best wishes.

christian issiah
It is good to avoid anything that puts your body at risk for diseases.A person with diabetes is supposed to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.Alcohol consumption does not promote healthy living and so should be avoided.Instead of beer and liquor,take fruits.Alcohol does no good to one living with diabetes.Good luck.

Most 'hard' liquors have no carbs at all.

Alcohol is formed by turning the sugar into alcohol.
Vodka and whiskey etc have turned ALL the available sugar into alcohol, that's why they are so high.
Beer, larger etc don't turn it all into sugar, so they are quite high in calories and carbs.

It gets complicated after here, because alcohol actually lowers your blood sugar.
So vodka on it's own, will make your sugar go low.

But normal beer has a lot of sugar, and not a lot of alcohol, so it will make your sugar go high.

Keep an eye on your blood sugars, try to use the low-carb beers, but try to use whichever one you enjoy.
It's a balancing act between your food, the alcohol, and the sugar in the alcohol.

Terry D
As a Diabetic myself and qualified to say so. There is no such thing as a mild diabetic. You are one or not in the eyes of medicine. It is a slowly progressive disease and can be with you until you die. The only way to help to keep control is full commitment to caring for yourself in a big way. Including a proper diet.
I have done that for 30 years or so when i was diagnosed as a class 2
All sugar is your enemy sorry to say no matter in whatever form you have it.. If you like your sweet tooth; use sweeteners other than Nutra sweet products. Stevia is good and that you can put into drinks you can cook with it make jam or bake with it and it will not harm you. If you must drink alcohol at all not beer or wine maybe a very little brandy once in a while like a double shot over two hours. And yes i am serious my friend. Diabetes IS Serious treat it as so. I am alive and kicking now at age 67 because I did take is seriously and adjusted my life to suit the disease very quickly.
Best of luck and take care mate.
Terry D.

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