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 can anyone tell me if this info is accurate about diabetes?http://ockbar.com/diabetics/?
http://ockbar.com/diabet is this a good site about diabetes? it seems to have good info....

 Are there any test you can do at home to check the level of insulin in your blood?
I think I might have hyperinsulinemia. I have hypoglycemia also. I have a glucose meter and I was wondering if there is such thing as an insulin meter too? Thanks....

 Blood sugar and thyroid problems?
What will happen once the tests come back if they are checking the blood sugar and thyroid of someone?...

 if a pancreas is feeding itself insulin how bad is it?
need to know all options for ...

 Diabetes pedigree?
Is it possible to get a diabetes pedigree on the internet? if so, could you please leave the link? I need it for a project and im having difficulty finding one....

 What are the best juices for Type II Diabetics 4 blood type O+???
My grandma is an African-American, age 68 with type II diabetes and we are looking for the Ideal Juices or drinks...Preferably Organic and Natural.


 how was sugar used to treat wounds during the Napoleonic wars?

 Are there any diabetics out there on a shot called byetta?

 Why are diabetics thirsty after eating sweets?

 Diabeties or arthritis?
I think Im either getting diabetic or arthritis. My hands and feet are getting a numb tingling feeling now and my thumbs hurt from time to time. Just below my left thumb was a little swollen and ...

 whay is it important to keep carefull of the amount of sugar you eat if you have diabetes?

 had gastric bypass 2 weeks ago and am extrememly exhausted. is this normal?

 Can fish oil help you lose weight?
How can fish oil help you lose weight and what dosages ? Is their a vitiman or mineral that will help tighten you skin.Or does someone have their own receipe that does this? T...

 Are two 5oz. glasses of red wine a day bad for a type 2 diabetic if the diabetes is under control?

 what is world diabetic day?

 help on this?
Hyaline cartilage facilitates movement in _______ joints.

A. vertebral
B. immovable

C. synovial

D. slightly movable


 Byetta side effects?
So I filled my Rx tonite and am gonna start tommorow, but I am way scared to start because of all the side effects, I have been hearing about, headache, nausea.
my sugar has been controlled for ...

 I have hypothyroid and am currently taking synthroid, but i am still gaining weight, why??

 I'm a diabetic (Type II).When I take B Complex, a few days later, rectal bleeding starts. Why? What solution
2 years ago rectal bleeding started while being a diabetic. It stopped, and restarted again when I took B Complex. I stopped BCmplex again, and rectal bleeding stopped again. 9 months ellapsed. T...

 My dad has diabetes 2;age 78. what is a safe low sugar level?
Lately his levels have been up and down. today it went down to 25.
he is on some kind of pill to control the high level. don't know the name, sorry.
i am concerned about the low levels ...

What is the comparison for blood glucose levels between Canada and the US.?

milligrams per deciliter in america and everywhere else because the medical field uses the metric system so that where ever you go its the same. If you mean the average sugars of americans to canadians you would have to search using search engines to find that information maybe a college study or something.

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