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 Carbonated Drinks????
OK so I made a huge step in my life in taking soda out of my diet ... it has been hard but I have found a pretty good substitute in these carbonated flavored water drinks ... 0% everything which is ...

 Is diabetes self correcting?
does diabetes correct itself in anyway? for example my mum has type 1 diabetes which means she does not produce insulin. but most of the time shes fine and does not expereince any illness. I would ...

 Can Diabetics Lose Weight?
I've had type 1 diabetes (insulin dependant) for almost six years now. I'm female and also I don't have the greatest control; it's slightly above average. I'm overweight and ...

 Does diabetes kill you?
my mom says diabetes is eating her i dont understand i am very confused??...

 is my GP right in saying that glucometer tests using strips do not give accurate fasting and PP results?
he says that only tests done in a laboratory do give accurate results....

 I have gestational diabetes how many times do I need to eat?

 needlephobe with possible gestional diabetes? options?
Can sugar levels be checked with urine instead of blood? I know they check my urine glucose at each visit, is this an option for at-home testing?

If not.. what are my options here.. is ...

 Do you have to have diabetes to get hypoglycemia?
ive been showing signs like shakiness, dizziness, sweating, headaches, paleness, fast heart beat, clumsyness, blurry visoin tingling sensations and i even had a seizure like last year. I dont have ...

 how do you 'get' diabetes?

 Anyone on Byetta for diabetes?
I know the package says to throw it away 30 days after opening but there is a LOT of medicine still left in that needle I hate to just toss when I pay over $360 / month for it.. I could get another 2 ...

 how can I be a good doctor?

 What is Pancreatitis?
Thank you all for your answers. I am aware of some of the causes, however I am very healthy and do not drink. I'll be having an ct scan this week, in the mean time should I be concerned. My ...

 can oxycodone raise blood sugar results?

 If someone is diabetic but dont know it....and eat carbs/sugar?
wont they feel different or have symptoms?...

 are there any doctors willing to do a lap-band procedure for free?

 My mom takes Lantus insulin 35 unts by bed time 10PM but by the time she's up 8AM her sugar almost 300?
any one have same problem , what time is the best time to get lantus and why its not working all day as its say....

 how early can childhood diabetes be detected?

 A little under a year ago i found that i am a type 1 diabetic whose pancreas has failed. did i cause this?

 A typical days diet for somebody with type 2 diabetes?
I'm 20 years old. I have an aunt coming to visit my family and I for about 4 days (From another state). Shes a VERY busy person when shes home. She is a single mom with 3 boys, and she is a ...

 PCOS and Glucophage?
My OBGYN doctor told me 4 months ago that I have PCOS and that my fasting insulin levels were elevated. He did a Liver function test and Creatinine test the other day and he says if it comes back ...

There's an expiration date, but do syringes ever really expire?
I have syringes from the stoneage, they're still in the original packaging and sterile (I guess, unless sterility has its limitations). She's on an insulin pump now but I always kept the needles around in case she had a midnight pump failure or other crazy emergency. I don't replace them every year, am I supposed to?

The syringe itself doesnt expire, but the insulin will.. Even if its refrigerated. Just be aware of that, i'd replace it by the date because otherwise your body will have insulin reactions

Syd Knee
Well I wouldn't, but I think you learned long ago that I don't always follow best practices with my diabetic care.

Jax's Mommy
I wonder the same thing about bottled water. I suppose the plastic breaks down and leaks into the water? I dunno, maybe a syringe can break down, too and affect whatever you put in it.

The plastic gets brittle after a while and yes, they can lose their sterility, but that takes 5 or more years depending on where you store them. I wouldn't wait that long. My suggestion is to offer the syringes you have now to the local Humane Society and ask the doc for a script to get a few to keep on hand for emergencies. Get a new script every year, but don't feel obligated to buy them annually. Replace them every 2 years or so. The Humane Society will be thrilled.

I am presuming that you are speaking of empty syringes and not prefills.

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