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 What can I do to prevent diabetes if I'm pre-diabetic?
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I don't get it, so much info on it sounds contradictory.
Like sugar is bad, but fruit is good?
Isn't fruit high sugar?
I know it is fructose not glucose, but still...

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 If you have Diabetes and you dont take your insulin what happens?
because my boyfriend reckons he doesnt "need" it...i dunno ??...

 Is it necessary to test a child's blood sugar all night long if he has juvenile diabetes and takes insulin?
My brother and sister in law test my nephew's blood sugar around the clock....even through the night while he is sleeping. He was diagnosed a few years ago, so they have had time to get a handle ...

 i just found out that I'm dehydrated and i don't know what to do because i have never been dehydrated before.

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 I'm a very sleepy person, what should i do or avoid from being sleepy, besides in dringking coffee??

 Is this normal anybody?
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 Could this lead to diabetes?
im 16, weigh about 140 lbs. i drink about 3-4 cans a day of pepsi or coke, and rarely drink that much water. ive heard from some people that a high sugar intake can ultimately lead to diabetes, but ...

 I had a diabetes test at 9 am monday morning and still haven't gotten a call..Does that mean I don't have it?
Does that mean I don't have diabetes?
I had a blood test.
and still haven't gotten the call....

Papaya is good (or) bad for diabetics?
I read in some article that papaya is not good for diabetics.Is it true.

Miz Lamb
That all depends on what it does to YOUR system. Some people can eat it and some cannot. To check to see whether you can eat it, fix one for a snack. Check your glucose, eat the papaya, then 90 minutes later check your glucose again. If it caused more than 150 point jump, consider whether you can eat some, any at all or none at all.

There are lots of fruits I cannot have as they contain too much sugar. I love pears and peaches. If my glucose is down to around 70 I can have a serving of one of them. Then I can afford the glucose jump toward the moon.

no it's not

it is surely bad.

venkat s
papaya is good for general health. it can be taken by diabetics also. anything in limit is no problem for any complaint.

Diabetics can take a piece of papaya since it contains only 32 calories for 100 GMS but it won't bring down the existing blood sugar.

papaya can be taken in very moderate quantity for the diabetics as it's glycemic index is more than 50.

Most tropical overripen fruits (mango papaya, banana pineapple etc)are bad for diabetics. Papaya is no exception but, if taken in moderation papaya is one fruit that is very healthy. By moderation I mean one or two small slices and no more as it has lot of sugar contents. Avoid overripen papaya at all cost. Hope this helps.

Aarya Shyam
Papaya is always good!
Please eat it before meal! OK?
Papaya is the best for you, and all!
Don't worry take it without the worries!

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