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 Does your blood sugar go up or down when you're sick?
I was just diagnosed with pre-diabetes that my doctor said most likely will become either type 1 or 2 later on, but for now all they see is that my blood sugar is weird. Anyways, I've been ...

 Is there a Robitussin for diabetics?

 Does Weight Watchers have a plan for Diabetics?
I was checking out WW but I didn't see anything for diabetics....

 How does dialysis effect you?
My father, who has been a diabetic for years and has never seen medical treatment nor taken care of himself properly, was told by his doctor he will be needing dialysis soon as his kidneys are so ...

 does diabetic have to be on BP meds if their BP is within normal ranges?

 why do most people develop type 1 diabetes before they turn 30?
just wondering if its a coincidence or if its got to do with age?...

 Could I be diabetic even after having blood work done 3 times?
I've have blood work done three times to try and figure out why I've had constant headaches and other symptoms for the past 5 years. Do think that they would have looked for diabetes after 3...

 Could This Be Diabetes?
Well, I've Been TIRED Lately, Pee About Every 30 Mintues (Literally, Everyone Always Ask Why Do I Have 2 Go Pee So Much) ALWAYS Hungry, Even After I Eat & Eat. I'm Going 2 The Doctors I...

 What's wrong with my vision?
Whenever I lay down to fall asleep my right eyes acts unusual. Seeing things out of the right eye is dimmer than seeing things out of the left eye. It only seems to happen whenever I am lying down in ...

 Can I remove needles on 1cc insulin syringes ?
I'm looking for 1cc oral syringes, but I could get 100x 1cc insulin syringes for the same price as 15x oral ones.

My question is can I detach the needle on an insulin syringe and use ...

 Is it possible that i have diabetes?
I've been really worried lately because i have been sleeping and urinating A LOT. I have noticed some weight loss (never really gain weight though) and diabetes runs in my family. I know it'...

 How to decrease insulin resistance?

 blurred vision, light headed, a little dizzy?
hi :) im 16 years old, weigh about 105 pounds, idk if that matters, but yah, (: okay so my problem is, i put salt on bascially EVERYTHING. soup, salad, bread sticks, taco bell, ha you name it. im ADDI...

 can a 13 year old have diabetes.?
i know its possible but is it random or common.? if so what are the symptoms in a teen. or just regular symptoms.?...

 Why do I get so tired but if I eat some sugar I feel better?
Also without sugar - I get in a really bad mood too....

 Advice on diabetes! I want to help my brother?
My brother is 20 and he has diabetes.. hes had since about the 7th of december, it gotton to the point now where he can't cope as his level keeps going up and down, he said its good to have it ...

 Help ! I can't tatse or smell !?
I have the flu and sinus infection so I kno I can't smell but why can't I tatse anything ?...

 DIABETES: Just diagnosed and need someone to talk to! pweeez(:?
Hi, I'm Kelley and I was just diagnosed with type one diabetes.(: I'm kind of struggling with the whole idea of it and I have a bunch of random questions! Haha. My doctor is about an hour ...

 if i was diabetic and forgot to take insulin and i ate a sugary meal and collapsed what treatment would i get?
i need to know if i was diabetic and forgot to take insulin and i ate a sugary meal and collapsed what treatment would i receive from the doctors?

if you could tell me this i ...

 how hard is it for a diabetic to get pregnant and what difficulties does one feel during pregnancy?
i am a diabetic for more than 11 years now.i am worried that no one will marry me bcoz i am diabetic as every1 ix worried abt having kidx with a diabetic....

l๏שเภﻮ ร๏๓єone
My blood Glucose level is 77 .... Is that low or high blood sugar?
and what changes should I make to improve it? I get very tired after meals. and even before

77 is a good number. My CDE wants them a little higher (about 10 points higher), but 77 is a great number really.

laura c
Your blood sugar level is perfect! Dont change anything! Normal blood sugar should be between 70 and 100. Talk to your doctor about your feeling tired. Perhaps you have other issues going on such as a thyroid problem.

There's nothing to improve, my friend. A blood glucose level of 77 mg/dL is absolutely perfect.

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