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 I'm very sick today, what could it be?
I am throwing up and feel horrible, but it has lasted two days and I don't really have any other symptoms....what happens when you start to have problems internally with diabetes? Should I go ...

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 92mg/dl 2 hours after huge meal. Bad?
Isn't this really low? I had a big thanksgiving meal plus chocolate cake. Probably ate about 1500 calories worth. It was only two hours ago. I'm not overweight....

 help on taking tests?
I am in a nursing program and so most all of our questions are application type questions. I study and study but still get very anxious before a test. Our tests are timed and we take them on the ...

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 I had normal blood sugar about 3 months ago. Is it possible that I'm now a diabetic?
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 who knows their blood type?

 what would make you dehydrated?

 Insulin and byetta.... finger sticks up to 6 times a day... ?
I had a Dr. appointment today, and I have been on byetta for some time now, well he did a finger stick in his off and my numbers were very high 330... and I haven't ate since 10:30am and my ...

 uti or diabetes?
I am 13 and have been urinating a lot, like AT LEAST once an hour. CAn this be a uti or diabetes? The only symptom I have for a uti is peeing a lot. As for diabetes, I never really drink <...

 is hormone therapy contraindicated if the patient also has diabetis?

 Could it be I'm a diabetic or getting there?
Each time i eat something sweet i feel like throwing up or my stomach hurts really bad & it'll get a really bad headache....

 What is Taekwon Diabetes? Is serious or deadly? I need details.

 i was in a acidient and at the hospial they said i was drinking because of blood results.they were wrong>.Why?
how did they come up with that. i cant get a dwi so please somone help me. they recieved a false positive. how and ...

 a diabetes question i forgot to ask my doctor?
i just found out im type 2 diabetic and ive had so many questions and this one should have been my first. i found out when i was sick with the flu....

are there any over the counter ...

 what meds are similar to lyrica?
i have diabetic nerve pain, especially the burning in my feet [esp. heels]. i can barely sleep for it.

i know a side affect in lyrica is, weight gain. for those of u who take it, does it ...

 gestational diabetes NEED HELP 10 points!!!!!?
Well two days ago i had my glucose test. Well my doctor called me today and left a message saying i need to call her back. Played phone tag and didnt end up talking to her. Well anyways it has to ...

 What are the types of diabetes? what do they have in common and how do they differ?

 my blood sugar was tested and read 2.5 then i had something to eat tested again and was 3.8 on the blood sugar
dose this mean i am ...

Is coke zero okay for diabetics?

Andrea H
Yes it's fine. My boyfriend is a Type 1 diabetic and it's his favorite drink. He actually likes it better than Diet Coke.

It&#39;s That Guy
Yes. I have it all the time.

I used to LOVE regular Coke. When I was diagnosed as diabetic I had to switch to diet Coke and Pepsi, and they just didn't taste as good. (I don't drink a lot of soft drinks anyway, so it really was the least of my problems).

But Pepsi One and Coke Zero seem to taste to me much more like the real thing. It could be just that I'm more used to diet soda now so my tastes have changed.

Yep, 0 carbs!

yes its just like diet coke
diabetics can drink and eat anything they want they just have to check their blood sugar and give insulin for the carbs they drink/ eat. but yes coke zero is okay for a diabetic to have bc there are no carbs or sugars. i believe the only thing on the nutrition label is sodium

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