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Is 133 to high for a blood sugar test?
My mom's diabetic and so is her entire family. She recently got the blood sugar test thing and she decided to do it on me. Well it's only been like 45-50 after eating and my sugar is 134 and yesterday it was 155! Is this normal?

Normal blood glucose levels range from 70-150 so you should be ok.

It's a little high. And yes, there is a genetic component to diabetes, so the fact that your mother and her family all have it could mean that you're headed in that direction.

A high reading is not the end of the world, these things vary quite a bit. And 45-50 is very low, like sweaty/passing out kind of low! You probably need to do two things: one, talk to a doctor who will give you a more comprehensive blood glucose test, and two, start taking your diet and exercise habits seriously. An appointment with a dietician would be an excellent start.

ok 45-50 is super low and read what betsy has to say she is completely right. 134 is ok but 155 is pretty high but u might be reading it wrong i suggest u go do a test in the hospital to be safe though

It should be anywhere from 60-120/mgdl Hope this helps

bledi d
There is a tolerance for diabetics when it comes to blood sugar levels. Actually, their acceptable blood sugar is higher compared to the non-diabetics. That is why 133 is not high for your mother or even 155. They are near normal, however she must go on keeping them "as near normal as possible".
Good luck to your mom!

It's a little bit high but not bad. 45-50 after eating is low. Are you sure that's correct?
My Dr. likes mine between 90 and 110. Some labs like a blood sugar at 100 or under, but not too
low or you could get hypoglycemic. (very low blood sugar with symptoms such as shaking, sweaty,
headache, confusion)

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