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MooMoo mee
I get really dizzy and vision is blurred when i stand up?
When i get up from sitting down i feel dizzy and my vision is blurred also this happends when i get out of bed in the morning i end up falling over but i am to scared to go to the doctors or enythig NEED HELP URGENTLY thanks x

I had the same symptoms so I went to the doctor. I have VERTIGO. If you read up on it, you will understand what it is. Good luck!

Doctors have a name for this condition. It is often caused by low blood pressure. Of course you need to have a doctor check you over. I do not know why you are afraid of doctors, after all they have seen it all many times over. I doubt if it is too serious. Until you have seen a doctor remember to wake up and get up slowly. First you sit up and then wait a few moments, a minute or two and then stand slowly. Hold onto the wall or the door in case you fall. It is due to blood leaving the head and going to your stomach.

Tiredness or lack of sleep causes this. I have had it before when i had a bad nights sleep. But it's also normal to feel slightly dizzy if you get up too quickly.

happens to me when i stand up too quickly after laying down. if you lay down and stand up right away that will happen. but if you sit for at least 2 seconds after you lay down you wont be dizzy anymore.

Erin Hensley
Are you drinking enough water? Sounds like dehydration to me... try drinking more water and if that doesn't help go see the doc even if you're scared.

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