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 Can diabetes effect your performance?
I was wondering if diabetes could effect the secshall performance of a man 36 years old, 5 foot 10 and 195 lbs. He takes pills and insulin several times a day. I'm not sure if these details help ...

 is it unusual for a woman with gestational diabetes to....?
not tolerate any carbohydrates? They told me to keep it under 60 grams at dinner but if I go over 20 my sugars spike high....like over 150....

 When measuring your fasting blood glucose level, how long do you have to be fasting?
whats the minimum and maximum amount of time you are supposed to go without eating before measuring your blood glucose?...

 How does get diabetes?
If they eat too much sugary foods? (bEcause I eat a lot.....I also use to eat a bowl of sugar when I was little) Please list what will cause you to get Diabetes, The symptoms and will you die?...

 measured sugar levels?
Hi I'm 33 years old and I drank two beers empty stomach and took my sisters test strips for sugarlevel and read 144 is that normal when you drink beer....

 Constant thirst after drink?
so for few weeks I have this problem and now I have a cold (that is almost gone), but I highly doubt its diabetes since im doing regular exercise and dont eat many fat thangs no one in my family has ...

 WHAT does untreated HYPERGLYCEMIA do to the body?
ellevated sugar levels. how do they ruin the body?...

 blood sugar readings all over the place or what?
checked my sugar about 2 hours ago and it was 85 well i thought it was low so i drank a large glass of milk and it went up to 156 about an hour ago and i just got done checking it to make sure it ...

 is this normal reading?
just got diagnosed with prediabetes a week ago adn still getting used to it, was feeling kinda shaky about 4 hours after i ate and my blood sugar was 94 is that normal or is that kinda low? i havent ...

 does it sound like i have diabetes?
okay i just had blood work done and now im really worried.
I hope i don't have it...it just seems to explain a lot :/

i get dizzy a lot (when getting up and just randomly)
i ...

 Can someone please help make sense of my recent blood work?
Below are results of my recent blood work taking 9.20.10. I recently had an allergic reaction to pecans..and the doctor gave me prednisone and xycal to take for 5 days. I need to know if ...

 Hypoglycemia and pre-diabetes, right eye out of focus for more than 4 hours?
I'm a 24 years old male with pre-diabetes (the last two hour glucose tolerance test spiked to 196 mg/dL - and from times to times I become hypoglycemic with 50 mg/dL, usually two to three hours ...

 how to control blood sugar?

 Question for diabetics on insulin shots. Does the area where you inject yourself ever get sore?
I'm diabetic, but so far I haven't been put on insulin, but I'm afraid that is in the future....

 what happens when you get an overdose of insulin?

 Lantus Solostar Pen Question?
Does anyone know if there is a way to recycle used Lantus Solostar Pens? I hate throwing them out or Sharps containering them....

 Will there ever be a permanent cure for type 1 diabetes?
I've had it for so long now..my twin has it too..
I'm sick of it! It affects every part of my life..I feel so depressed.. will there ever be a permanent cure? permanent insulin? S...

 Why is it so hard to lose weight when you have diabetes [type 1]??
I've had diabetes type 1 for 8 years now.. At first I haven't been controlling it very well, always eating junk so I noticed the weight piled on gradually throughout the years..

 Confused about test results for diabetes. Can someone explain this?
I had an A1C test, and while waiting for the results from the lab, the nurse agreed to do the other test--I don't know what it's called-- the one that diabetics do daily. The two tests ...

 How common is it to sustain any brain damage from hypoglycemia?
I tend to feel fine during the day, but I usually sleep all through the night without waking up and having a chance to observe any hypoglycemic symptoms. I usually wake up in the morning feeling run ...

How long does it take metformin to completely leave your system?
I've been taking 1500mg for a year. I've lost 30 pounds (5'3 female - went from 190 to 160, and now trying to get down to about 135). For the last 6 months I haven't been dieting at all (eating loads of junk food and bad things) and not exercising at all, really, though I have in the past and that's how I lost the first 30 pounds.

Anyway, I was monitoring my blood sugar during all that, and EVERY TIME I have ever tested my blood, it is always in a normal, non-diabetic/pre-diabetic range. and regardless of what I eat I don't gain any weight, it's strange to me.

anyway, so my doctor said I could come off metformin as a trial, and I'll keep testing my blood to see if suddenly I rapidly gain weight or my blood sugar is really high all the time. I've also joined a gym that I go to everyday, and I'm eating a lot better.

I'm just curious to know how long I have to wait for the metformin to completely leave my system so that all my observations about my weight and blood sugar will be correct.

Metformin should completely leave your system 31 hours after your last dose. One of the side effects of metformin is weight loss, so metformin could have helped you lose some weight. That is great that your blood sugar has normalized. Exercising regularly (5 times per week/30 minutes each session) and losing weight can help reverse diabetes. For your diet, you should try to avoid carbohydrates and try to eat more vegetables and foods with protein, such as chicken and fish.
Good luck!

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