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My daughter, she is 6 year old his (HYPOTHYROIDISM) TSH Level very high (its 13.5) , so now what i do, what she eat or not, what is diet etc. so please guide me....

How bad is an A1C of 8.6?
Just got a message from my Endo saying that's what my A1C was... Last time it was 7.4, and before that 6.5...

Lady Butler
It's not good at all. My last A1C was 8.7 and my Dr. is having a heart attack about it. Your chances for kidney failure, stroke, and heart disease are increased even more. So I am guessing your levels run between 250-350 on a day to day basis. For the last 3 weeks I have went from the normal diabetic diet to a more strict diet of only eating Fresh lean meats, fresh veggies, 1 fresh fruit a day, and low fat dairy. Nothing else. No grains or starches. This means no pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, gravies, sauces, spag. sauces, breading or coatings. I admit at first I was thinking WTH! But it hasn't been that hard to find recipes online using only what I can have, and my sugar levels are now between 120 - 180. I also take metformin 2x a day and glipezide in the morning, along with testing 4 - 6x a day and insulin on a slide scale as needed. I'm hoping this continues to work for me, or I'll be taking the next step.. the insulin pump. Which I really don't want. Talk to your Dr. about this diet, maybe it will work for you as well. I'm sure your Dr. can also set you up with a diabetic nutritionist. Knowledge is power when it come to Diabetes. Good luck to you.

Dr Frank
The lower the HbA1c the lower the risk of diabetic complications. For most people with diabetes, the HbA1c target is below 6.5 per cent.

8.6 isn't that bad (I was 12.8 a few months ago, and over 13 at diagnosis - I'm much better now), but the trend is. It suggests that whatever you're doing to control the BG isn't working anymore. If you thought you were a type 2, it's possible you have a form of type 1 known as Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA), which is controllable with oral meds for a while, but usually 3-12 years after diagnosis requires the patient to go on insulin. There are blood tests you can have to help determine if this is the case, including an anti-GAD test and a C-peptide test.

Regardless, you should ask your doc to refer you to an endocrinologist to review your treatment.

Target for a Diabetic is 6.6 and someone without diabetes is 5.0.

8.6 is not out of this world but the doctors will go by the book as they usally do

just cut down a little on the carbs not too much just a bit

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