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 can being anemic lead to diabetes?

 I've been going to the gym...why am I gaining weight?
Ok...I was diagnosed with diabetes in May, joined a gym and have been going 3-5 times a week depending on my schedule..mostly 5 days though, and I really cut out the sugar and am juggling ...

 if you r a diabetic what foods should you eat? please help?

 Painless meter for testing Type 2 diabetes.?
My husband was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. We are seeking a painless meter to test his blood sugar. Can anyone tell me where I can find one? He complains about the pain in his fingers ...

 can a person live over 130 years old?

 Hey, Could I have diabetes?
I could just be being overcautious, I have shown no other signs for diabetes except that I occasionally get blurred vision when looking at something like the computer for a while. I'm 15 and ...

 My blood sugar levels were at 163 at my last doctors visit. What does the mean? Should I be worried?
Am I diabetic?...

 How long will it take to get diabetes from drinking 3 cans of soda a day? I've started to do it D:?
hmm... still doesn't answer my question tho xP...

 my blood sugar is over 260 what to do?

 Why is it important for a diabetic to be able to inject themselves?
A brief answer please?...

 What if you get diabetes during boot camp?
Would you get medically discharged, even if you don't want to? If you have your own insurance, pay for your own medications, and need medications only once a day, would they discharge even if ...

 Over the counter diabetes medication?
Does anyone know about any good over the counter meds for diabetes? I need to get some quick! I appreciate the help......

 What could be wrong with me?
I am teenager. I have trouble keeping my blood sugar level. And it takes about a month or longer for a little cut to heal on me. I dont know whats wrong and i dont want to go to the doc. Can anyone ...

 Papa has T2 diabetes.?
My papa has diabetes and had blood clots in legs and lungs. The doctor has him on Heparin and Coumadin. They said that they are trying to dissolve them but the Pharmacist said that the medicine would ...

 could i have a thyroid problem?
Im 19. I get at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. but i feel so sluggish all the time, tired, sick to my stomach, loss of appetite. and i feel almost malnurished. like something is missing. i get ...

 are diabetic test strips made of gold?
I was told that test strips are made with GOLD and people sell them for ...

 the pancreas do what?
a) secretes insulin b) secretes glucagon c) helps regulate blood glucose levels d) all of the ...

 I am a diabetic. I am interested in using an Insulin pump. Any suggestions of companys that make these pumps?

 what is endocrinology?

 what happens if a diabetic gets in a tub filled with sugar water?
My friend brendan has diabetes and we were wondering what would happen if he got into a tub filled with sugar water? Would there be any difference if it was super saturated?...

Does diabetes drink banana milkshake?

Diabetes is a disease and as such it does not eat or drink. A diabetic might drink banana milkshake depending on if they like them or not. If you are asking if a diabetic can have a banana milkshake then the answer is it depends if it is made more like a smoothie with fresh banana and milk it is alright, but if it is made from a syrup containing a high proportion of added sugar then it is best avoided or had in small amounts. A diabetic should try to avoid foods with high levels of ADDED sugar the sugar found in fruit (fructose) and in milk (lactose) is absorbed more slowly so does not cause a sudden spike in blood glucose readings which a diabetic person tries to avoid

-_- <--- that's me.
Yehhh... And cancer drinks hot chocolate.

windy gurl
my diabeetus prefers mango milkshakes.

no diabetes doesn't drink anything because its a condition not a being

Dick Stainy
I'm going with Sahar on this one.

you can just moderate the amounts http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091002004358AABdZ5R

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