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 how can i control my diabetes ...?
hi im asking this question for a female as she is a diabetes patient and her age is 48 ....during fasting her Sugar is in the range of 120 and when she takes any sweet her Sugar rises to the range of ...

 Is it possible that i have type 2 diabetes?
i have had to go to the bathroom a lot and have been really thirsty, eye sight is getting worse???
if so, can you tell me what i wouold have to do?...

 Blood sugar spike at night?
I'm a type 1 diabetic and am having a problem with my blood sugar at night. I check about an hour before I go to bed, having not eaten or drank anything for at least an hour prior. When I go ...

 Does what one eats at supper affect the outcome of blood sugar level even when fasting?
For example if one eats lots of rice and pasta for supper as opposed to fish, wheat bread and vegetables, and nothing else to eat after midnight, will that affect the glucose level to change?...

 Can exercise increase blood sugar levels?
Can exercise cause higher blood sugar levels? (tested immediatley after exercising)...

 Why is it so hard to avoid my low blood sugar?
Even if I eat a fruit and feel better... 30 minutes late im exhausted again. Do i have to eat every 30 min? i dont want to get fat....

 Sugar level after meals is lower than sugar levels during fasting?
My age is 53. My sugar level during fasting is 84 and after heavy meals it is 71. Is it normal? If not what should it ideally be?
help would be appreciated..
THANKS :)...

 What type of diet is best for a diabetic?
I don't like the foods on the standard diabetic diet. I want a bit of flavor to my food....

 What are the signs of diabetes?

 How do you take care of type 1 diabetes?
I want to know how to take care of type 1 diabetes, when do you check? How often? What is a good eating plan? When can you eat and not eat? When can you have candy and sugar or go off your eating ...

 Could it be possible that I have Diabetes?
Okay well.. I'm pretty sure that i'm having symptoms of Diabetes. But i'm curious as to whether I have it or not.. Because there's no history of it in my family, my bmi is 19, I ...

 will drinking 1-2 litres of coke a day give me diabeties 2?
My sister has type 1 if that matters and i weigh 62kg at 16 years old....

 How can I avoid becoming insulin resistant?
I am a 17 year old male, I'm very active and have had good health thus far. I'm worried I might become insulin resistant and diabetic when I'm older. My mother also has some relatively ...

 Problem with injecting insulin, should i be worried?
Hiya, I have been a diabetic now for almost 9 years, i used to inject in my abdomen but have stopped due to pockets of insulin forming. I now inject in my legs and arms, recently i have found that ...

 What is the normal blood sugar and cholestoral level for diabetics?
Well my mom want to know the normal blood sugar and cholestoral level and she is a diabetic can you help me?...

 I have Medicare and a medicare supplement insurance would they pay for a insulin pump?

 Would could happen to a person with diabetes to make them go to the ICU?
My boyfriend is 21 and he is in the hospital for his diabetes.
He doesn't take care of himself very well.
I called up there and he can't have phone calls because he's in the I...

 Who wrote the novel The Detached Retina?

 Is there a cheaper medicine than Dexilant that will do the same for me?

 Diabetic Insulin Immunity?
I am a diabetic type 1, i am of course insulin dependent because of this. The past few days my heart has been feeling weird, it will also beat weird at times and cause me to feel awful all over. I ...

Does a person with Diabetes 2 get tired and confused after eating too many sweets and carbs at a meal?

Yes. I get very dopey and feel like I crashed and dont look so good. If you have diabetes, or even borderline I promise if you eat a lean, protien based diet you will feel better !

It's amazing. Monitor your blood. Youll see when it's high ur eyes look funny and a little blurry and u dont feel so good.


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