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 what is meant by the blood sugar is at twelve?
diabetic ...

 question about diabetes?
i don't have type one diabetes, but i've been seeing stuff about it on tv and stuff. and i did a little bit of research. the reason why people have diabetes is because their pancreus doesn&#...

 effect of glucose metabolism in diabetes mellitus?

 How hi does YOUR blood sugar spike after eating supper?
I just ate a big chunk of pot-roast, carrots and about 1 cup of potatoes with gravy. 25 - 30 mins after, it was showing 150. I forgot to add, Im border line type 2. All my A1c tests come back < 5...

 Is it possible to get diabetes from liver malfunction due to hepatitis E?
I read that a former Prime Minister of my country got diabetes after he went to Turkey and got hepatitis E but I thought they were unrelated?...

 stem cells research?!?!?
why isnt stem cell research allowed? or like i mean that how come people dont fund their research? arent stem cells like good things?...

 Is it ok if im 5'9 weighing 130 to donate blood?
Im wondering if I can donate blood because aint I too skinny to donate blood? Im scared that im might or something crazy happen. Please help me with a answer....

 what foods can i eat?
i am type 2 diabetic,,,,,what can i eat ,i'm scared to eat anything. Can someone please tell me?...

 Steel Magnolias--Shelby Diabetic?
My school is preforming Steel Magnolias, I am the part of Shelby so I wanted to know if I can get some advice on how to do the scene where she gets to much insulin and how to act out her I guess you ...

 Can I give my pomerrainian glucose in her water, she is vomiting and have a bit of diarehha?

 low blood pressure quistion please help?
ok i just got sick to my stomach hungry started sweating tiredness and shaking are these symptoms and after i ate i stopped shaking but still feel light headed and tired what do i do? im only 19...

 If it's not Lupus is it Diabeetus?
I used to have one doctor that when he was always sure that I had diabetes instead of actually running tests. I kinda miss that guy even though he was somewhat crazy. Got any crazy doctor stories ...


 DIABETES: I was just diagnosed T1 and I need someone to talk to!! Pweez(:?
Hi, I'm Kelley and I was just diagnosed with type one diabetes.(: I'm kind of struggling with the whole idea of it and I have a bunch of random questions! Haha. My doctor is about an hour ...

 Does high insulin make your skin color change?
I used to be lighter and now since my doctor told me that I have high insulin and my face and my body is getting darker.... But I'm working out and eating healthy so my insulin can get normal.......

 How does clear fluid in the blood mess up a glucose reading?
I tested myself for diabetes and there was some clear fluid in the drop of blood. I later read that this can mess up a glucose reading. Is this really bad? Why does clear fluid mess up readings?...

 How many days does it take a NON-diabetic if not eating to get hypoglycemia?
question says it all.. 1 day? 2 days? thanks in advance yahooers :-) this is for my biology experiment concerning how diabetic people don't maintain sugar like non diabetics....

 if i was diabetic and forgot to take insulin and i ate a sugary meal and collapsed what treatment would i get?
hi, i need to know if i was diabetic and forgot to take insulin and i ate a sugary meal and collapsed what treatment would i receive from the doctors? if you could tell me this i will be very ...

 why is that happen? how could it be? anyone can explain it to me?
what are the different levels of sweet fruit with a cordial? why people who eat the sweet fruit in large quantities do not have diabetes? and people who drink a lot of cordial get diabetes?...

 what is blood circulation?

Does Tylenol raise your glucose levels ?
I took two tylenols due to a headache, and as I suffer from Type 2 diabetes, I checked my blood glucose level a few hours later and it was quite high, even though I didn't really eat anything particullary naughty. Is it possible the Tylenol caused this ?

Other Drugs Interaction Be aware of the acetaminophen content of other over-the-counter and prescription products. Care should be taken to avoid taking more than the recommended amount of acetaminophen per dose or per day. Acetaminophen may cause false urine glucose test results. Talk to your doctor if you have diabetes and you notice changes in your glucose levels while taking acetaminophen. Other medications may interact with acetaminophen. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist before taking any prescription or over-the-counter medicines, including herbal products while taking acetaminophen.

Tim B
Probably the food you ate.

Loris Ann

Rex B
While anything you put in your mouth can change your number, (theoretically), I don't believe Tylenol will do do that normally. Check with the Doc, and in the meantime re-test and see if your reading improves. Maybe the strip was contaminated or the meter gave you a bad number?? IF it were me I would be suspicious when a reading is way out of whack, and run a new test.

there's that chance. it's never done that to me, but i'm type 1. you might have an infection somewhere, that'll raise your sugar AND cause a headache.

It is the recommended pain med. for diabetics. There is always the chance it may increase your glucose, but not likely.

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