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 I have a Diabetes question?
I got my blood work back, and the doctor told me that my Cholesterol is high, And I have a touch of sugar I think that's what I have because I'm always tired, I have been always thirsty, ...

 soon i will be on a medication that takes sodium out of my body,?
how many times a day do i have something salty all day? since taking new medication tomarrow,
i will take 2 not 4 like he asked me to so i have less side effects and feel okay....

 Creatinine 3.02 mg/dl ..?
okay so my mom has 3.02 mg/dl and 3 months ago it was 2.11 mg/dl, its strange how its elevated so much but i wanna ask am too much tensed about this.

what to do .....how can i make her ...

 can you have keystones in the urine?

 steps to prevent diabetes type 2?
steps to prevent diabetes type 2 my dad has diabetes what are the step to ...

 Why do some people make their Diabetes such a big deal?
Its not cancer. its not AIDS. the needle is so short yo can barely feel it. so why do so many people make it be such a big deal. if you take care of yourself you will be fine.

BQ: who ...

 have to take dot physical i am diabetic but i do not won't the doctor to know how can i get around that?

 What are foods with No Sodium and no sugar?
I say NO for a reason. My grandmother cant have any sugar at all because of her diabetes. She cant even use those diabetic products because some of them have sugar. If she has even the smallest ...

 My BS at one point went up to 348 after eating. Am I diabetic?
About 4-5 days ago I checked my blood sugar. My boyfriend is diabetic type 1 so I always have his machine on hand. I wasn't feeling well so I checked it. It was around 250. The next morning 175 ...

 if you have type 2 diabetes, should you not eat sugar?
what happens if you do?...

 Is my pregmamcy glocose test normal or high ?
result :10.2 in the fist hour referance range: 1st hour <10.0

resul t: 9.1 in the second hour referance range: 2nd hour <8.6


 im not diabetic..had a a1c go down from 6.1 to 5.8..why is it that my all day blood sugar is good, but my?

 why does my blood glucose level always remains at (123) 3-4 hours after eating?

 People with diabetes?
I am constantly urinating and its a lot of urine every 30 minutes
I'm always dehydrated and always thirsty, I eat constantly without ever getting full, my weight fluctuates a lot, I have ...

 Is lack of confidence due to low sugar levels?

 im 107 kgs at the moment and i want to get below 100 . help me out?

 what hormone drives thirst?

 How is it possible to produce insulin using a lac operon? NEED HELP NOW!!?

 low white blood count and lymphocytopenia?
My WBC has run on the low side more than a few times (the lowest 3.3K/uL), and my last test was 4.0 with the Lymph# at .95K/uL. Oh, and I noticed that my RBC is a little low too (4.1M.uL) My doc ...

 How much sugar causes an insulin spike?
mainly so I don't pump carbs and fat into my fat cells causing weight ...

Diabetes A1c - how does fasting affect A1c?
How much does fasting blood sugar affect A1c. Blood sugar is managed well during the day...Meter will show and give a good estimate of how sugar is managed (7/14/30day average), however, there is a number of hours not indicated with fasting - just the fasting number. If fasting numbers are higher than they should be - how much will this affect A1c?

Uni Corn
A fasting blood test is taken when you have not eaten or drank anything within 10-12 hours prior to the test. The only exception is a minimal amount of water to take with any medications you normally take.

By taking a fasting blood test, it helps minimize the effect of sugar in your bloodstream. Otherwise, the sugar levels in your blood can vary greatly depending on what you eat or dinrk. You can get huge differences in the results when you compare one blood test result with another.

High fasting numbers will cause your A1c reading to go up. You can do a google searh on "Convert blood glucose mg/dl to HBA1C" and it will come back with several links to help anwer your question about fasting numbers vs HBA1c readings. Here is one example.


Good luck with controlling your blood sugar levels.

Fasting glucose have different effect on A1c, depending on the level of A1c. If you A1c level is high (>10%), the contribution of fasting is greater. If you A1c is close to norm (~7%), the contribution of fasting blood glucose is lower.

You can check out the following paper to find the relationship. Unforturnaltye, there is not formula to find it out.

Monnier L, et al. Diabetes Care 2003;26:881–5.

john e russo md facm faafp
The blood test is a glycated (the more common term 'glycosylated' is biochemically incorrect according to the International Journal of Biomedical Nomenclature - see M. Roth in Clinical Chemistry 1983) hemoglobin A1C. It measures the amount of glycation of erythrocytes or red blood cells in essence hemoglobin. Since erythrocytes live approximately 90 days the A1C approximates the 90 day mean (average) glucose. An A1C of 6.5% for example approximates (the relationship between A1C and glucose is nonlinear) a 90 day mean glucose of 141 mg/dL or 7.8 mmol/L. This is the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists goal for a diabetic. Fasting does not affect the A1C at all but I believe that your question has broader implications. At higher A1C levels such as 10% fasting glucose plays a more important role and as the A1C drops below 8% postprandial glucose plays a more important role. If I may be of further assistance please let me know. I wish you the very best of health and happiness and in all things may God bless. JR

Miz Lamb
Fasting has absolutely no effect on HbA1c testing.

You say your glucose is well managed during the day, but how about during the night? I have a problem with my glucose racing for the moon around 2 am. Yeah, I set the alarm clock to wake me in middle of night to check glucose to see why my A1c was not matching the testing numbers averages.


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