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Can urine tests detect diabetes?
I know that blood tests are the only accurate way but I was curious if urine tests can detect diabetes. My doctor wanted to make sure i didnt and he gave me a urine test and said that he tested for diabetes insiduous that way. What i want to know is can urine tests help at all? He didn't really do any blood work. If I had diabetes, would he have been able to detect it in my urine?

yes they can check glucose,ketones as well as protein in urine. i am a diabetic and had these in urine as well as AIC results at 7.1. hope this helps ~LEXI

15 weeks with winter baby
Yes! people with diabetes usually have glucose in their urine.

The blood work is used by the doctor to check all kinds of issues, not just sugar. Urine can test for sugar but is not as accurate. It is close enough if he already suspects from your history that you do not have it. If you have untreated diabetes, your blood sugar would be off the chart and would test easily.

doctors often begin testing this way, if there is sugar present in your urine, that would indicate a need for further testing. Kidneys do not generally allow sugar to pass into the urine, the molecule is too large, but diabetes damages the kidneys and allows the sugar molecules to pass into the urine. So yes, you can detect diabetes with a urine test.

Astronomy Rocks
ı thınk so

Urine in the glucose is actually THE test for diabetes, the term referring to the passing of sugary water.

Ivy's Having Twins!
Urine tests can detect uncontrolled diabetes, but likely won't pick up on pre-diabetes. It is not as accurate a test as a blood test, and it will miss many cases of diabetes. This is why they don't test for gestational diabetes with a urine test, they have them drink a solution then test their blood. I would have passed a urine test, but I failed the blood test.

In uncontrolled diabetes (ie diabetes which hasnt been found or diabetes in those who still continue to take in too much sugar) the body tries to flush out excess sugar in the urine so it would show up on a urine glucos test. Healthy people should not have glucose in their urine so its a pretty sure way of finding out. He should also have taken a 'fasting glucose' from your blood, which means your glucos level is read before you eat anything in the morning. This is a good indication of how well your body uses stored sugar, and a high fasting level can indicate diabetes. There isnt really much blood work required here.

I believe so.

he can check glucose levels that way. if indicated, blood work may follow.

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