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 What is the immediate remedy or food intake for feeling weak?
I am feeling lethargy and sometimes shaking and then feel really weak. Maybe I have not slept enough . Is there any immediate remedy, such as food, that can help to gain back my energy?...

 what should i eat for better lever function?

 diet regarding pancreatic prob?
i am a 27 year old male, having calcified pancreatis. it started at my 16th age and since about 1year i am living on human insulin. i am working as an engineer in construction field, normally have to ...

 How can i get my prescription filled? I am a diabetic type 2 and have been using insulin for about a year.?
I just recently tried to refill my prescription. I use Levemir pen,by Nova Nordics, It comes in a 5 pen pack 100mL. My dose is 14 units each evening so this last me about 3 to 3 1/2 months. My ...

 are there any type 1 diabetics that has had trouble losing weight, but has founa plan that works well with the?
Please I need help I am 70lbs over weight!!!...

 my wife carried our health ins.?
she lost her job, found another that offers benefits, we were 2 weeks away from them kicking in and bam, i had a heart attack, is there any way i can avoid bankruptcy?...

 What is the best glucose tester?
I wan to buy a glucose tester , would like to find the most accurate and least painful....

 I have type two diabetes, should I take gloucose pills?
I was wondering if that would lower my high blood pressure when I eat
hamburgers or big chunks of ...

 I had my lapband place June 2008, have lost weight....?
I have a 4cc band with 2cc of fill, for the very first time every I threw up tonight at the half way through dinner point. Since throwing up I cannot eat a thing, stinks though cuz it's gross ...

 I've been diabetic for 15 years & had done my insulin shots in my stomach, now i have scar tissue. ?
Is there anything to do to help get rid of it? I've started exercising more, so i think that will help. Any other suggestions besides surgery?

 Could i possibly have diabetes?
i think i have all the main symptoms. I frequently need to drink and then go for almost non-stop urination. I also have lumps on my upper arm which my mum thinks are due to sugar, does anyone know ...

 is there a site that lists every type of doctor and what they do?
please and thank you.
I'm on my brother's account......

 HELP, am i injecting properly?
just curious... I am experiencing SERIOUS BRUISING!!!

here is the vid of me doing it...
http://www.youtube.com/w any pointers would be appreciated....

 I am 82 years. My blood sugar level is Fasting 79 and after meals 219. What does the wide gap between two?
I presume the normal level is 100 and 120....

 What does it mean if you are pucking blood?

 How can I tell if I have Diabetes without going to the doctors?
I recently found out I have PCOS (Polysistic Ovarium Syndrome where your hormones and ovaries are wierd and dont work properly) and ive been researching it online and it makes your chances of being ...

 Help should i be really worried?
My dad is a level 2 diabetic and he is around his 50s and yesterday he started vomiting a lot and felt really weak. i noticed his arms and legs have really gotten skinnier during this year and to day ...

 could it be low blood sugar?
i get dizzy a lot, headaches, sometimes i get a little shaky.
my vision gets a little fuzzy too and i sometimes get nauseous around food.
also i'm 16 and i run cross country and today ...

 numbness in hands and legs?

 I have diabetic neuropathy. The last several days my feet have increased sensations of numbness.?
I have just finished 11 days of work, which I have not done in years. My blood sugars are excellent in the last 7 months. Do you think the long work stretch is the cause of my increased numbness, ...

Can too much sugar make your body ache?

Too much of something is bad.

based on my experiences, headache yes...and perhaps backaches cos slept too much after eating heavy dishes

Funny question,since I have arthritis and have recently given up sugar.I don't ache as much so I think sugar has contributed to body aches.I am a person who craves sugar badly,so to give it up is a big deal.I read somewhere that if your body craves something,it's probably the very thing you shouldn't have,Like carbs,or salty things.What a person eats has a lot to do with how you feel.

never heard of it i was told it was a pain reliever for infants but my sister is a diabetic and she says her body aches alot so its interesting ?maybe so consult a dr you may have prediabetic symptoms best of luck

I know it can make your feet pain you terrible, because that is what sent me to a doctor and how I discovered I have diabetes so if it can make your feet hurt maybe your whole body can. The doctor said that diabetes causes a sticky substance to get on the red blood cells inside my feet so that my feet don't get enough oxygen. Get to a doctor. It can be very, very serious!!!.

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